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Camel Cigarettes. Advertising in 1955
Camel Cigarettes. Advertising in 1955

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Counterstriking the Marlboro Adventure Team, R.J. Reynolds Co. is rolling out Camel Cash III with a new advertising campaign featuring an extensive catalogue, tots of gear and, of course, Joe Cool. The new campaign, called ‘Tell’ Em Joe Sent You, runs in February and March in mainstream monthly publications and newsweeklies. Point-of-purchase advertising will be increased to compete against the Adventure Team’s massive displays and posters. Reynolds is expected to spend a fraction of the $200 million that Marlboro is spending just on the Adventure Team. Camel’s entire marketing budget is estimated at less than $50 million. The new program offers an extensive catalogue with goods ranging from salt and pepper shakers featuring the ‘Hard Pack’ camels to a diner-style radio. It puts the anthropomorphized Camel in places like Joe’s Diner, Joe’s Lounge and Joe’s Garage. The original Camel Cash premium campaign started in October 1991. The Adventure Team has often been called a rip-off of Camel’s program. But Marlboro is in a difficult position as the biggest setting brand. Its share dropped 1.1% in 1992, and shipments were down 5%, according to Gary Black of Sanford Bernstein & Co. in Now York.
Conversely, Camel’s share and volume have been strong in a very difficult market. Its share is up 0.3% from 1991, and its volume rose 5%. RJR still needs to work on the Winston and Satan brands. But it continues to outdo Philip Morris in the ever-expanding discount brand category, controlling 33% of that subcategory with Doral and Sterling.