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Camel Cigarettes. Advertising in 1954
Camel Cigarettes. Advertising in 1954

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R.J. Reynolds Rolls A Whiter, Lighter Camel

R.J. Reynolds Co. is taking the cigarette war to another battle ground, angling for a piece of the fast-growing ‘tight’ cigarette market with the introduction of Camel Special Lights. The time extension is due out in April. A major ad campaign featuring the infamous Joe Coal breaks in early March. The Winston-Salem, N.C. company has a measly 1% share of the so-called ‘white-tip’ market, even though its Now, More and Vantage brands have white-tipped products. Philip Morris’ Marlboro Lights leads the sub-category with an 86% share. The entire tight segment makes up about 61% of the struggling full-priced cigarette category, estimated at S36 billion. Camel is one of only two full-priced cigarette brands to show growth fast year. Lorillard’s Newport is the other. Camel already has a light product with a cork tip, but the taste has more in common with Marlboro Medium. Reynolds will continue to sell that product along with the new brand. ‘White-filtered cigarettes are perceived as smoother and milder than cork-tipped,’ said Peggy Carter, a Reynolds spokesperson. The new with packaging gold trim also touts the new mild blend of the cigarettes. Ironically, Marlboro started as a ‘woman’s’ cigarette with a silvery white tip until it was refitted in the mid-1950s and relaunched with the Marlboro Man. Philip Harris is expected to counter the attack with a promotion and advertising campaign for its Marlboro Lights product.