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Camel Cigarettes. Advertising in 1958
Camel Cigarettes. Advertising in 1958

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Some recent US brand introductions

Among brands recently marketed in the United States are the following: –
MARLBORO LIGHTS has been introduced in test market in New England. The pack, predominantly gold and white, bears a family resemblance to others in the MARLBORO range, and carries on its face the words: “Lowered Tar & Nicotine”. According to the “New York Times” there is a greater demand for high filtration and charcoal filter cigarettes in New England (20%), compared with the 16% for the total market.
Another “low tar cigarette” – its name LTC stands for those three words – has been put on test in Arizona by American Tobacco Company. The filter is similar to that used on VANTAGE, except that the recess in the filter end is triangular (see picture) where that of VANTAGE was round. Advertising copy claims for the brand “…. only 10 mgs of tar and a ton of flavor”.
CAMEL TALLS is also on test in more than one area. This is a 99mm. cigarette with a single acetate plug. The pack, in red and blue with a small gold camel motif, is unlike other CAMEL variations. Speaking of the brand, which is advertised under the heading “Walk Tall”, the Product Manager said: “We don’t feel that there has been a 100mm. cigarette designed for and aggressively promoted to men that at the same time retained an attractive appeal to women”.