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Camel Cigarettes. Advertising in 1953
Camel Cigarettes. Advertising in 1953

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RJ Reynolds’ Camel cigarette brand is being promoted by Nezzina/Brown, reports Bernice Kanner. The $45 mil account includes extensive use of Joe Camel, which is Nezzine/Brown’s creation. A camel has appeared on packs since 1913. Some critics charge that RJR is trying to attract young people to the Camel brand. N/B says that the Camel character is aimed at luring kids, but denies that the Joe Camel image has any subliminal meaning. M/B created Joe’s ‘Year in Pictures,’ a calendar. It also produced promotional materials for the 3/92 debut of Camel Wides. Camel filters, lights, ultra lights, and Camel 99s are promoted by M/B. The Hard Pack blues band was created to revamp the Camel box.