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Camel Cigarettes. Advertising in 1949
Camel Cigarettes. Advertising in 1949

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CLARIDGE VIRGINIA KSF and its EXTRA MILD companion brand (both 79 mm length), were introduced nationally in February 1980 at the recommended retail price of 88 cents for 25 – making them the lowest-priced King Size filter cigarettes on the market. (The term King Size is used differently in Australia from usual BAT practice, where a cigarette of 79mm would be called Long Size). The EXTRA MILD version is ventilated. Deliveries (as published by the Government) are: VIRGINIA…. 11 mg. CPM, 0. 9 mg Nicotine EXTRA MILD…. 9 mg. CPM, 0. 9 mg Nicotine The brand has been advertised in all the main media particularly in the press and outdoor. The campaign features actors from the current popular comedy TV series – “Love thy Neighbour” and “Are you being served?”. By October the two CLARIDGE brands had gained a 2. 1% market share. Reynolds test a Virginia CAMEL in Australia CAMEL, from R. J. Reynolds, is one of the old-established and very well known U. S. blend cigarettes, which in its parent form features the words “Turkish and Domestic Blend” on the pack front. Still a substantial seller, in both plain and filter versions, it sells in the U. S. A. and a number of overseas markets. While it is possible that the blend may have been modified in some markets, this has never been the subject of any advertising statement. Yet now, in Australia, a VIRGINIA CAMEL has been launched, and the blend emphasized in advertisements. CAMEL VIRGINIA BLEND FILTER and CAMEL MILD FILTER, both in 25s packs, were launched in three test market areas in September 1980. The brands represent Reynolds’ first locally manufactured brands (actually manufactured for Reynolds by Rothmans), and also their first offers in 25s pickings. Hitherto CAMEL, Plain and Filter, have been available in 20s packs as imported cigarettes, and they have received heavy promotion over many years. However, their combined sales represent only 1% of the Australian market. Their U. S. blend characteristics have limited their market potential, and it is evident that the new launches are designed to take advantage of two factors – a taste more acceptable to Australian smokers, and the trend to 25s packs (see the articles on B&H STERLING and MARLBORO SPECIAL MILD in this issue). Advertising (shown here) emphasizes the Virginia character of the new CAMEL, as does that for the Mild version too.