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The list of countries, where Chesterfield cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Canada, Russia, USA and European countries: Austria, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Moldova, Holland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, UK.

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Chesterfield cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Czech, Finland, France, Holland, South Africa, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA.

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Exploratory Chesterfield campaign research Philip Morris International


LBCo initiated research to explore consumers’ reactions to the euro-fantasy campaign idea for Chesterfield.
Objectives of the research were to aid creative development and address specific concerns:
Does environment/situations appeal to target around the world?
What elements are most appealing?
How is the hero perceived?
What does it say about the cigarette?

Sample of 150 target consumers across 5 markets: 30 male smokers aged 18 то 24 per market
and regular smokers of leading import or local “youth” brands.
Information was collected via personal depth interviews reactions to pictures: exposed a range of 18 photographs: each respondent discussed 4 (2 “most interesting” and 2 “least interesting”)
and character perceptions: explored in context of “charge” mock ad, described impression of typical Chesterfield smoker based on ad, described main character in ad:
Who is he?
What is he doing?
Where is he?
Where is he from originally?
How do you feel about him?

Reactions to pictures

Chesterfield world as represented by range of 18 photographs was clearly appealing and evocative across all markets. Responses across all pictures were examined with an eye toward understanding characteristics of pictures. Described as “most” and “least” interesting. Importantly, same patterns emerged across markets. Clearly, the “most interesting” visuals were those which stimulated the viewers’ curiosity thus, facilitating viewer involvement.
Two key characteristics distinguished these visuals:
1. Overt or implied adventure/excitement
2. sense of mystery/intrigue/the unknown
Viewers, involvement evident by their explanations of “most interesting” pictures also, their attention to detail was remarkable.

Reactions to pictures: summary

Visually, the Chesterfield world was appealing to target consumers in different parts of the worldadventurous, intriguing, somewhat ambiguous situations were particularly appealing and involving.
Perceptions of character:
Overall, brand image communication was very favorable and consistent across markets described as male around 30 and involved in atypical, creative field.
Writer archaeologist government agent designer photo journalist engineer architect pilot stock broker: personality defined by following characteristics:
• adventurous/risk taker
• independent/self-confident/unconventional
• approachable/easy going
• tough/macho/leader
• sophisticated
Most felt the character was American, others said European:
“His travels have taken him to Saudi Arabia, but I think he is originally from the states, Americans tend to be more adventurous than Englishmen or Europeans”.
Across markets, reactions to the Chesterfield image were very favorable his lifestyle and independent approach to life were particularly appealing and aspirational:
“He lives life on his own terms… in control. I would like to be as free and unconstrained as he is. I really admire that sort of individualism and lifestyle”.
“He is an individual who travels around the world doing his own thing. He is footloose and fancy free. I would certainly like to be him”.
“I like him very much, he is doing what I would love to do, relaxing, getting away from it all”.
“He is a hero and has a free and unconstrained life, I would like to be him”.
“I like it that he is a man who knows what he wants, he doesn’t compromise”.
“I like him because he does what he wants”.
“I like it that somebody who smokes stands by it and does not try to hide it, he does not allow himself to be driven into a corner on account of his smoking”.

Perceptions of character: summary

Perceptions of Chesterfield image/character were very favorable and appealing profile:
Adventurous/bold, Independent/unconventional, Approachable/easy going, American.
Target would like to express: self-confidence, assertiveness, independence, being in control, consistent with personal development of emerging young adults.
Judgmentally, Chesterfield shares many strengths of Marlboro image but is distinct past research and Chicago pilot provide insights:
• Marlboro: a uniquely American, mythical adventurer
• Chesterfield: an international adventurer
“Marlboro and Chesterfield have the same personality, both are outdoorsmen, living how they want to with no restrictions on their lives, Marlboro, however, is more American while Chesterfield is more continental”.
“Marlboro is a cowboy in Marlboro country, outdoorish, challenging nature, climbing mountains. Chesterfield is a sleuth, mysterious, adventurous, involved in international intrigue… An Indiana Jones type”.
“Marlboro man is an unsung hero, he’s more classic, and he relates more to America. The other guy is worldlier”.
“Marlboro is more adventurous but stays close to home. The other guy would be far away traveling an independent type of adventurer”.
“Marlboro represents America. This guy is eastern more visual, more mystery”.

Perceptions of product

Across markets, perceptions of the product were positive and appealing two product impressions were communicated:
• full flavor/strong:
“a good strong cigarette of quality which appeals to the young and dynamic”
“it’s a strong cigarette”
• distinctive because of unique blend
“a blend of the best of two tobaccos, appealing to both easterners and westerners”
“the kind of cigarette that adventurers would prefer—strong, appealing, a different cigarette altogether”
“I smoke Camel, it is also a blend of tobaccos. I think this one would be different”

Research focused our judgment and provided direction regarding portrayal of the Chesterfield world and definition of character — most appealing/involving aspects of Chesterfield world visually convey sense of adventure/intrigue:
• enough ambiguity or unresolved events to capture the imagination/involve the viewer— like Marlboro, image of character combines aspirational and approachable characteristics
• approachable: easy going/friendly
• aspirational: adventurous/independent/ sophisticated
However, needs to pursue international adventures to distinguish from Marlboro
Oriental-American idea has potential to establish a powerful new position for Chesterfield that is meaningful to target worldwide — consistent with strategic objectives, approach can project independent, unconventional brand image which is most appealing in the context of adventurous, intriguing exotic non-American environment.