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The list of countries, where Marlboro cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Dominican Republic, Honduras, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, United States of America or USA or U.S. and  European countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands or Holland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Roumania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom or England or UK.

The brand is popular in most countries of the world!

The scale of popularity is based on search queries of those users who try to buy cigarettes online.

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Marlboro cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA.

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Marlboro Adventurers Find Rugged Going But not all of them are buying it

Like true Marlboro Adventurers, the sales force at Philip Morris is trekking across the country, selling 'the biggest Promotion in history' to cigarette distributors and retailers.
While the promotion is available to all retailers, some are questioning the rewards of participating. Philip Norris gives an edge to a select group involved in its Retail Masters Program. Those retailers get preferential treatment when it comes to new merchandising and promotion program, which has raised hackles among same retailers who have chosen not to participate in Retail Masters.
This all comes at a time when Philip Morris could use all the cooperation it can get. The company is under pressure to restore retailers, faith in the Marlboro trend. It has announced a 10% drop in fourth-quarter cigarette shipments. Many retailers are finding they can boost sales end enjoy better margins with discount cigarettes and black-and-white brands. Distributors have received a 10-page brochure on the Adventure Team program that confirms Philip Morris' plan to spend $200 million on ads and promotions in a four month sweep. The promotion features a group of 10 rugged outdoorsmen who hike and bike through the southwest. Consumers can team up with the adventurers and earn 'miles' by saving specialty marked UPC codes on Marlboro packs. The miles can then be redeemed for licensed sportswear and gear. Retailers who sign on with the program get high-tech exhibits, posters, buttons and special packaging. The Masters, however, can choose a two-pack promotion that gives them the option of a co-funded coupon offer with Philip Morris. They gat a special display that flashes a picture that, if it matches the picture on a two-pack, will earn consumers double altos. The full program won't be available to retailers beyond the Retail Masters group until 1993.


Cigs and Tobacco History


Excerpts from Spending Review 1990


Retail promotion is down slightly to $57.0MM versus $57.9MM in ’9. Although the level of total retail expenditures are comparable, $2.6MM or 4.6% of total retail programs will be devoted exclusively to Menthol in ’0 compared to $11.2MM or 19.8% in ’9. This is indicative of further targeting to pack outlets in select areas where Menthol has shown upward share trends. It should be noted, however, that Menthol will be included in all ’0 Marlboro programs.
In ’0, Marlboro will deliver 17.SMM retail incentives, up significantly versus the ’7 pre-Menthol launch levels. Despite this large number of incentives, Marlboro is not close to an overpromoted level. Only 1,2% of total Marlboro volume will be associated with promotion.
To further focus programs against our primary target audience, males (21-29), the plan includes tactical shifts. In ’0, 76% of all consumer incentive expenditures will be targeted against mainline pack purchasers, compared with 56% in ’9. These programs will primarily be fielded in pack outlets, although in some cases, they will also be placed in larger carton outlets. In addition, in ’0, 5% will be spent against Menthol pack purchasers versus 20% in ’9; 14% will be spent on mainline carton programs versus 19% in ’9. The decrease in carton expenditures reflects a reduction from two carton promotions in ’9 to one in ’0.
These spending shifts will allow Brand to more effectively target young adult men with both greater numbers and higher value incentives. This is particularly important as price and price/image brands gain market share from the 21-35 year old audience through discounting and couponing, while Marlboro continues to gain significantly through "premium" positioning.
For ’0, $2.0MM has been allocated to national account programs based on the success of the Circle K mug program and the anticipated success of the two market continuity test underway with Mobil in late ’9.
Inventories of approximately 1.0MM T-shirts and 750M lighters with displays will be in PM warehouses or in field POS depots by yearend ’9 for use during ’0. These incentives will be drawn on by field sales to exploit retail opportunities and/or thwart competitive efforts.

In ’0, Brand will continue to utilize event promotion to sample, increase share-of-mind for Marlboro and broaden the Brand's imagery through leadership sponsorship and associations. Events include auto racing, resort/target marketing, music, skiing and soccer.
Spending is up 2% to $3 3.5MM compared to ’9 and reflects two key funding shifts. Auto racing is up $5.2MM (+45%), reflecting the addition of a second car and driver and a retail incentive program in 15 CART race markets. Music is down -$4.5MM (60%) reflecting a shift away from major arena shows and the development of blitz and targeted grass roots programs which will require additional funding during ’0.
The Ski Program has been enhanced and includes a targeted retail incentive program (+0.4MM). The Hispanic Soccer Program will be maintained at current levels in ’0 ($3.6MM).
Resort/Targeting is budgeted at $8.0MM for ’0 compared to actual expenditures of $6.4MM in ’9 (1939 3rd revised budget includes $2.5 of non-expendable bar night funds). This represents an increase of 25% for ’0 and includes funding for targeted Round II Marlboro bar nights. There are four major components in the resort/target program: local festival support, resort, blitz and target market programs. The difference in programs is largely level, geography and duration of activity.

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