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The list of countries, where Marlboro cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Dominican Republic, Honduras, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, United States of America or USA or U.S. and  European countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands or Holland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Roumania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom or England or UK.

The brand is popular in most countries of the world!

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Marlboro cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA.

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Marlboro advertising: an investment in wordless communication

The Marlboro Country advertising campaign, with its cowboys and horses and its implicit promise of freedom and good tasting satisfaction, is generally regarded as one of the most successful cigarette campaigns of recent years. We examined the way in which the basic campaign had been adapted to a whole range of different languages and markets, and discussed what it was that gave the campaign its exceptional appeal. In a number of markets the campaign has been extended into promotional programmes, whereby Marlboro branded men's clothing (mostly with a Western touch: e.g. leather belts, cowboy jackets and the like) are offered as self-liquidators. More recently Marlboro has gone into leisure wear. The advertisement shown on page 14 comes from a Swiss magazine supplement, and features a western quiz competition in which entrants are invited to deduce the owner of a prize bull from information on ranches and their brands. Successful entries win a share of a $10, 000 prize sum. Quite apart from the development of the cowboy/ Marlboro Country theme, Philip Morris are making positive efforts through media advertising and display to establish the distinctive red-and-white inverted-"V" motif of the Marlboro pack as an instantly recognized symbol. The clear intent is to make a positive investment in wordless communication in anticipation of tightening restrictions on cigarette advertising. By heavy exposure of the inverted-"V" device in association with Marlboro, Philip Morris clearly aim to have created a symbol which, without further words or illustrations, immediately says " Marlboro " to those who see it. The device is already in wide use in a number of markets at point-of-sale, including shop fascias where the repeating red and white pattern makes a strong impression. Here we illustrate examples of press advertising in which the device is being put across. From Belgium we reproduce a small-space press ad where the inverted-"V", a cowboy illustration and the Marlboro name are the sole design elements. It is economical too in space costs, yet the message is clear. From Malaysia we reproduce examples of a more aggressive, frontal attack approach towards the same ends. In the same issue of a newspaper are a number of Marlboro ads which together dominate the issue as did the "blockbuster" ads in the United States. In this instance every ad is designed to establish strong awareness of the red and white inverted-"V" as meaning Marlboro. All the ads make use of a second color (red) and sometimes also a third color (gold). One depicts the pack in a pattern of "V" repeats. Other shows the pack front design, while a third (in the corresponding position on the next page) shows the red inverted-"V" alone. The impact and the effectiveness of the communication is impressive.


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Excerpts from Spending Review 1990


Marlboro continues to dominate the industry by every measure. Marlboro is number 1 in all markets (except Hawaii) and continues to be the fastest growing brand in the industry (+1.5 points versus year ago). Despite industry declines, Marlboro MSA and Nielsen share trends indicate +0.6 and +0.75 annual share gains, respectively, demonstrating continued brand relevance and market competitiveness.
Current share growth, however, cannot continue to deliver positive volume given forecasted industry declines of -3% annually. Marlboro’s volume performance (+0.2%) remains strong relative to the industry (-4.8%) on a 12 month basis. Yet, to maintain current level of volume over the next five years, Marlboro must accelerate annual share growth from +0.6 share points to +0.8 points through line extensions and increased value-added promotion.

I. Packing Performance
• All Marlboro packings are gaining share except Gold soft pack, Menthol and 25's. Across all brand families, box and kings are the strongest performers, especially within Lights.
Marlboro Lights is driving the business, growing +0.89 share points- This translates to +2.3 billion units, or +5.0%.
• Red's overall share gain, +0.26, is supported by box (+0.24). Red share gains, however, translate to volume declines, resulting in a loss of -1.9 billion units, or -2.1%.
Marlboro Gold box and soft pack performance net to flat share (2.8%) which equates to -682 million units.

II. Geographic Performance
Marlboro share is growing in all regions. In fact, the brand is growing in all markets except Wichita, KS.
• In Regions 2 and 4, Marlboro’s share gains (+1.39 and +1.28 points, respectively) are outpacing industry declines resulting in volume gains. Share in these regions is underdeveloped (93 index in Region 2, 88 index in Region 4), presenting an opportunity for additional volume.
• Region 5, Marlboro’s most developed region and traditional stronghold, is suffering severe volume declines (-908 million units or -3%) as the full margin business faces increased price pressure.
Marlboro Menthol is showing share gains in 9 markets. In 25 opportunity markets, Lights Menthol packings are underdeveloped relative to the original full flavor Menthol. These 25 markets represent 37% of menthol category volume.

III. Tradeclass Performance
• Share accelerated +1.38 points in Marlboro’s strongest channel, chains under $2MM. The gain reflects a rebound on Red from a decline at year-end ’8 (-.34 points) to an increase of +1.9 share points for 12 months ending 9/9. Marlboro Lights 85's continued its strong performance (+1.10 points), offsetting flat Marlboro Lights 100's.
• Share of inventory in chains under $2MM has not kept pace with increased sales, declining -1.09 points. The decline in inventory is evident across all packings except Lights Menthol.
• National 3 month out-of-stocks average 3% nationally. The highest rates are found:
- in chains over $2MM
- across box packings and the Lights family
- during the summer
• As of September ’9, Marlboro’s 3 month weighted out-of-stocks (WOOS) are at their lowest levels in 5 years in chain and convenience stores and independent supermarkets. This decline in WOOS is countercyclical to traditional WOOS levels.

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