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Marlboro Cigarettes

Marlboro Cigarettes Filter Plus

Marlboro Cigarettes Filter Plus data of packaging: 10 packs include 200 cigarettes in 88mm box. Cigs ingredients are 3mg of Tar and 0.2mg of Nicotine and made in Europe.

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The list of countries, where Marlboro cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Dominican Republic, Honduras, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, United States of America or USA or U.S. and  European countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands or Holland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Roumania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom or England or UK.

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Marlboro cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA.

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Marlboro Cigarette Advertising. Ads in 1958

Marlboro Cigarette Advertising. Ads in 1958

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The 1975 Maxwell Report on the U. S. cigarette market: MARLBORO reported market leader by year-end

The Maxwell Report on the U. S. domestic cigarette market for the calendar year 1975 (published in November) gives figures which include estimated figures for the final three months of the year. Despite the recession, the total consumption of American cigarettes in the U. S. is expected to show a 1. 2 percent increase over 1974 with a total of 598.70 billion cigarettes. For 1976 continued growth is forecast, to the extent of around 2 percent over 1975. There have been no changes in rankings by Company, but brand rank changes are reported. The most important of these is Maxwell's conclusion that Philip Morris's Marlboro moved ahead of Reynolds' "Winston during the last quarter of the year to become the ????? 1 brand in the U. S. market. The battle between these brands has been long and aggressive, with Reynolds fighting hard to hold Winston at the top in the face of Marlboro's rapid growth. Other brand ranking changes are that Salem Menthol (Reynolds) has overhauled Pall Mall (American Brands) for 4th place, and that Camel has taken over the 6th place ahead of Kent. These position changes are not immediately apparent from the Maxwell charts reproduced here, which separate entries for brands by packing as well as by size variation. Thus Marlboro is shown in the 3rd position (hard pack) as well as in 5th (soft cup) and in other variants (100s, Lights &c. ) lower down the chart. Growth in non-menthol filter cigarettes is now seen to be at a faster rate than those of menthol filters, reversing the situation of recent years.


MARLBORO: Double-Packs With Coupons Set

Philip Morris continues to up the ante on its $200 million Marlboro Adventure Team extravaganza with a coupon promotion that adds $35 million to the program. Following an advertising blitz in the last quarter of 1992, Philip Morris will double-pack Marlboros with a 60 cents-off coupon to help introduce the idea of Adventure Miles to smokers. The 'miles' will be doubled on these packs. Consumers send in the 'miles' to buy products from a Marlboro catalogue.
For now, R.J. Reynolds is doing little to combat Marlboro's move into what had been a Camel stronghold with its popular Camel Cash program. But distributors expect RJR to move next spring.
'Camel has held pretty firm on promotions like mops and lighters,' said an Iowa tobacco distributor. 'But they'll have to do something.' Marlboro began the extensive promotion in early October with a host of ads that included an entry form for the Adventure Team. The Marlboro Man is missing from the ads as Philip Morris looks to update the brand's image.


Cigs and Tobacco History


Excerpts from Spending Review 1990


- Increase Marlboro share-of-mind and smoker interaction with brand
- Enhance/extend brand imagery
- Interrupt traditional campaign with western image/racing/sports promotions including premium offers, contests and sweepstakes
- Target men, women and Hispanics separately
- Run 3 self-liquidating ads featuring high quality image oriented items in appropriately targeted books.
Items in development:
• Saddle Bag
• Silver Lighter
• "Eatin Irons"
- Execute a national Hispanic sweepstakes in Spanish language books which sends winners to the ’0 World Soccer Cup in Italy

Long Term Goal:
Create a "World of Marlboro" which is bigger and extends beyond Marlboro Country
‘0 Objectives;
- Reinforce smokers choice of Marlboro with high visibility mainline sponsorships/associations
- Significantly increase presence, activity level for top-of-mindawareness among primary audience(s) in key markets
- Enhance Marlboro positioning and visibility among Hispanic smokers community
- Provide quality sampling, merchandising and retail extension opportunities
- Generate positive publicity
- Target the adult male (21-29) audience through five key programs:
• auto racing
• music
• ski
• soccer
• local event marketing

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