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Marlboro Cigarettes

Marlboro Cigarettes Red

Marlboro Cigarettes Red packed in 10 packs with 200 cigarettes within 88mm box. Information about the ingredients: 10mg of Tar and 0.8mg of Nicotine. Manufactured in Europe.

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The list of countries, where Marlboro cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Dominican Republic, Honduras, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, United States of America or USA or U.S. and  European countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands or Holland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Roumania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom or England or UK.

The brand is popular in most countries of the world!

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Marlboro cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA.

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Marlboro Cigarette Advertising. Ads in 1962

Marlboro Cigarette Advertising. Ads in 1962

Tobacco Cigs Brand Marketing News

The appeal of the cowboy

The appeal of the campaign appears to be one that operates on a number of levels, and has a variety of implicit promises, according to who sees it. On the one hand there is the obvious attraction of the cowboy to generations brought up on Western movies. Here the cowboy is the "good guy" with honest virtues, with a simple code of what is right. He reflects a period of tine in which life was fuller and less regimented, simpler and less complicated, and thereby lends these virtues to Marlboro. To those for whom a "macho" appeal of exaggerated masculinity is potent, the cowboy fulfills this cream. In terms of individual association, the cowboy has been shown to have an almost universal appeal which cuts across barriers of sex, social or cultural divisions. In terms of the product, it credibly underscores the copy promise of taste, and the wholesome associations help to reassure smokers of full flavor cigarettes in a climate of increasing pressures. Added to these, the cowboy projects American-ness in a way which is totally acceptable around the world, even in countries opposed politically to American influence. By virtue of consistent and heavy exposure of a common and unmistakable theme wherever Marlboro is sold, there has grown a full acceptance of the international status of the brand. Adapting the Marlboro Country' copy theme in different languages Adapting a copy theme from its parent language into a wide range of others is often a major problem in the preparation of international campaigns. It is comparatively simple if copy is confined to simple factual statements: "the world's biggest selling. ", "satisfying taste.. " and so on. However, the problem can be acute when the need is to convey a more abstract copy concept, as is the case with "Marlboro Country". Evidence is that adaptation has been fairly successfully achieved. Visual adaptation has proved no problem at all. A cowboy is a cowboy is a cowboy, and does not need to be altered to suit individual markets.


Gold Gives Way To Red On Marlboro 100s Pack

 Specimen packs have been received from the United States for MARLBORO 100's in which the gold area has been replaced by red, making the design similar to that of the King Size version. This covers both soft cup and hinge-lid (97mm) versions.

Images Not Gimmicks - Says Philip Morris Man
 According to a write-up in the U. S. Tobacco Journal a Philip Morris executive has said that, with the coming broadcast advertising ban, his company believed that images rather than promotions provided the primary motive force for brand growth, this in a situation where the total market had stabilized, and where growth must be gained at the expense of competitive brands.
 Referring to MARLBORO as a good example of a strong and clear-cut brand personality, the spokesman said that the MARLBORO personality - the Marlboro man. Marlboro country - was so firmly established in the United States that future advertising and sales promotion could concentrate on maintaining it.


Cigs and Tobacco History


Excerpts from Spending Review 1990


Goal: Extend and leverage a winning season into a wining tradition
- Include 2-car effort featuring Emerson Fittipaldi and Danny Sullivan in CART schedule. Program expanded to include 17 venues.
- Align with the Penske Racing organization for management of both cars
- Maintain 3 title sponsorship events: Marlboro Grand Prix, Marlboro 500 and the Marlboro Challenge
- Utilize publicity and advertising to communicate change in sponsorship to Penske
- Extend promotion window with racing related retail programs and sweepstakes
- Increase signage, ticket and hospitality opportunities when possible Increase sample and sweepstakes giveaway quantities to meet increased attendance at events

Extend Marlboro’s music association from Country Music to more contemporary music.
Strategic / Tactics:
- Use music more on a grassroots rather than national tour level to involve smokers, and to broaden Marlboro’s credibility in contemporary music. As we develop a unique program which matches contemporary artists to "roots"
- run a Dave Edmonds "roots" concert in 25 cities
- run talent round ups in 20 cities
- Develop a "blitz" market program centered on music to be used as an alternative to mini grand prix blitz.

- Reinforce Marlboro leadership, positioning and visibility among the growing Hispanic community
- Solidify Marlboro’s position as key sponsor in U.S. Soccer
- Continue four market, two-day Marlboro Cup series
- Expand event promotion theme by delivering two-pack program at retail
- Develop bar night program for markets hosting Marlboro Cup - Test a local adult grassroots soccer program in Marlboro Cup markets
- Add sweepstakes overlay which sends winners to the ’0 World Soccer Cup in Italy

Provide unique recreational ski racing experience in ski resorts across the country
- Run the Marlboro Ski Challenge and execute in 18 resort markets
- Extend promotion to retail via 3-pack with ski pack incentive in targeted ski markets
- Execute local bar night programs which include sampling, sweepstakes and distribution of branded merchandise during peak smoker traffic periods
- Reward all skiers for skiing the Marlboro Challenge
- Broaden awareness of program with national advertising in Ski magazines

Reach the target audience in every major U.S. city with programs and sponsorship associations which are fun. Further the impression that Marlboro is contemporary and has a fun side.
- Expand involvement in local and regional events
- Develop blitz programs that "dominate" a market and maintain appeal to the target audience over an extended period of time
- Develop different levels of bar nights packages which can be available for implementation as needed
- Enhance Spring Break and Summer Resort programs by adding more excitement and hype. Develop new, more impactful incentive items.
- Continue the Marlboro resort program during Spring Break and in the summertime
- Develop bar night packages themed around Wild West and Racing, and a program for Sports bars, all including sweepstakes and smapling
- Blitz 5-10 markets with Grand Prix Racing program (or with other blitz themes, e.g. music, adventure as appropriate and executable)
- Develop all new incentive items that are graphic, contemporary and unique
- 15 Cart/Indy races scheduled for ’0
- Expand involvement/presence in auto racing with sponsorship of a second Marlboro car
- Extend promotion window in race markets with retail incentive program (3-pack with stopwatch)
- Enhance current program with inclusion of professional driving school sweepstakes
- Marlboro Country Music Military Tour to visit 15 bases during ’0
- Field concentrated music blitz and targeted music programs in strategically identified markets incorporating club programs, outdoor festivals, bar nights and venue sampling
- Expand talent roundup into 24 targeted markets
- Extend promotion to retail with incentives/sweepstakes
Resort/ Targeted
- Expand involvement in local and regional grass roots events
- Develop a blitz targeting program that will be executed in select markets against strategic visibility/top-of-mind awareness objectives. Blitz marketing includes Grand Prix racing events, impactful bar nights, showcars, sampling and sweepstakes. Blitz markets will be limited in number and include more events, compared to target markets.
- Maintain/enhance Spring Break (add third market -Palm Springs) and Summer Resort programs which are demographically targeted (adults 21-24)
- Continue Marlboro Ski Challenge in 18 resort markets
- Extend promotion window by delivering ski themes retail program (ski pack) in targeted markets. Includes continuity program
- Reward all skiers for skiing the Marlboro Ski Challenge.
- Execute sampling programs and incentive sweepstakes through local bar nights
Marlboro Cup Soccer
- Continue four market-two day series events
- Extend soccer program to retail via national Hispanic 2 pack (soccer socks) promotion and to Hispanic media via World Cup sweepstakes trips to Italy
- Test grassroots soccer programs
- Develop Marlboro Soccer spectator guide
- Develop and execute themes bar night program around event

- Generate trial/conversion among targeted competitive smokers
- Increase loyalty of potential outswitchers
- Formulate, test and conduct programs which successfully increase competitive smoker purchases/conversion to Marlboro (offensive)
- Field major reward program against potential outswitchers (unfunded)
- Thank/reward selected Marlboro smokers for choosing Marlboro
- Produce 240M Marlboro Red/Lights sales force intercept brochures (CIP) for use against a trial objective among competitive smokers. 20M CIP's will be distributed monthly on a national basis
- Produce 77M Marlboro Menthol sales force intercept brochures (CIP) for use against a trial objective among competitive menthol smokers. 6.4M CIP's will be distributed monthly on a national basis

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