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The list of countries, where Chesterfield cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Austria, Canada, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Moldova, Holland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, UK, USA.
Chesterfield cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Czech, Finland, France, Holland, South Africa, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA.

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Chesterfield Cigarettes. Advertising in 1937

Chesterfield Cigarettes. Advertising in 1937

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Marlboro Racing Image

YAM Smokers of Marlboro Red
(Excerpts from Marlboro Marketing Mix Monitor Qualitative, 1995)

The Racing image was obtained via in-depth projective questions
???ぎ?? Stimulus: 9 ads from 1994 Racing pool, and 3 illustrated magazine articles (Racer, Indy Car Racing)

To the majority, imagery conveyed is of the consummate professional in his chosen field...
???ぎ?? Skillful, smart, competent
???ぎ?? Dedicated, single-minded focus on the challenge
???ぎ?? Thrives on the thrill of being on the edge
???ぎ?? Risk taker who always comes out a winner...
"(His values?) Hard-work. No mistakes???ぎ??no room for 'em...He's dedicated to the profession... He knows he did everything he needed to do to accomplish what needed to be accomplished"

What he does and how he does it defines the man he is
???ぎ?? First, his work revolves around cars; a professional race car driver or a mechanic
???ぎ?? Mechanic does not imply downscale, rather, he's a technology professional ???ぎ?? a pit crew mechanic
"He's very involved in his work; everything involves cars and racing ???ぎ?? he's an Indy 500 racer."
"He takes his work very seriously ???ぎ?? it's his life. He's always thinking about it and practicing."
???ぎ?? Further, he is a perfectionist
???ぎ?? He's dedicated and serious about his work ???ぎ?? it's his life
"He gives everything a stringent once over. Everything must look good so he looks good"

Equally at the core of the Racing image is thrill-seeking and risk-taking
???ぎ?? Thrives on speed and accompanying adrenaline rush
???ぎ?? Lives life on the edge
"He has the reputation for risk taking ???ぎ?? he cuts things chose; he goes for it."

Also key is drive to win/succeed, to be "the best"
???ぎ?? Not backing down or giving up
???ぎ?? Powerful "take-charge" attitude of a leader
"He always wants to win; hates losing. He likes the competition, he likes to be the best he can be. He doesn't want to come in second ???ぎ?? he has to prove to himself 'I am the Best'."
''His only goal is to win and succeed as a team. You have your personal success, but when everyone is successful, the team wins."

And as a result, he tends to enjoy financial success
"A lot of the time that dedication pays off real well...he's financially secure."
"Money is no object to him ???ぎ?? he makes a lot. There's a lot of sponsors."

To the majority of YAMS Racing enthusiasts, Racing evokes qualities that are meaningful to them
???ぎ?? Admiration
???ぎ?? Respect
"He's top ???ぎ?? every guy he's around admires him. He's got it all"

For some, however, the extreme drive for success and achievement is unappealing
???ぎ?? He's so wrapped up in what he does; so achievement-oriented, that to some, he's one-dimensional
???ぎ?? Egocentric/Attention???ぎ?? seeker/ "Cocky"
"He's determined, almost to a fault. He's so one-pointed that he'd work 70 hours a week ???ぎ?? earn a lot of money, but has no time to spend it."
"He thinks he's God's gift; that he's the coolest ???ぎ?? There's no one else like him."

Marlboro Racing ???ぎ?? Brand Perceptions

Finally, what does Racing imagery convey about Marlboro-the Brand?
???ぎ?? Smokers were asked to rate Marlboro on a list of brand attributes
???ぎ?? "Please rate the brand based on everything you know and feel about Marlboro racing"

We found that Racing bolsters smokers' brand perceptions that Marlboro is #1
???ぎ?? The best
???ぎ?? Highest quality
???ぎ?? The leader in its category

Additionally, energizes the brand, keeps it up-to-date
???ぎ?? Exciting, fun, cool
???ぎ?? Contemporary
???ぎ?? And, masculine

Marlboro Racing ???ぎ?? Implications

Net, Racing accomplishes its objectives:
???ぎ?? Presents Marlboro in a contemporary context
???ぎ?? Mastery
???ぎ?? Challenge
???ぎ?? Adventure
???ぎ?? While supporting the quality and leadership position of the brand

However, need to keep in mind that inherent nature of racing; "thrill-seeking" and "speed" are somewhat at odds with the smoking experience
???ぎ?? Characterized as relaxing, laid back enjoyment

However, an even more important concern is that the defining characteristic of Racing imagery is single minded drive to succeed

While this quality is a plus, it is outside of the Brand's core values
???ぎ?? Marlboro Country is a place free of this pressure, where "success" is defined by the individual and achieved on one's own terms
???ぎ?? The Marlboro Man has already "arrived" and thus, feels no drive/need to succeed/to prove himself

However, this may not be a problem because:
???ぎ?? Racing is clearly outside of Marlboro Country (although both have many traits in common)
???ぎ?? Also, we suspect racing is relevant to a specific, self-selected group ???ぎ?? (quantitative study will shed light on this)
???ぎ?? Therefore, appears that this "drive to succeed" Racing brings to the mix is not "fighting" the overall Marlboro image ???ぎ?? they can effectively co-exist

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