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Chesterfield Cigarettes

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The list of countries, where Chesterfield cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Austria, Canada, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Moldova, Holland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, UK, USA.
Chesterfield cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Czech, Finland, France, Holland, South Africa, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA.

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Chesterfield Cigarettes. Advertising in 1963

Chesterfield Cigarettes. Advertising in 1963

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Marlboro Marketing Mix: Overall Summary

YAM Smokers of Marlboro Red
(Excerpts from Marlboro Marketing Mix Monitor Qualitative, 1995)

o summarize, let's take a look at what each of Marlboro's properties contributes to the total Marlboro Brand communication coming off this first phase of research

Racing: The single-minded drive to succeed; leadership

Advertising: The quintessential American hero ????? the ideal man

Promotions: Sociability and fun ????? an unbridled zest for life

Overall Marlboro Brand: Fusion of Advertising and Promotions imagery

Obviously, we need additional findings from subsequent phases of Marlboro Marketing Mix Research to see how these initial findings hold up

Marlboro Marketing Mix: Overall Implications

While inconclusive given this is first phase of a larger study, these findings provoked the following thought starters

To date, research efforts have been concentrated on understanding/achieving the right "balance" within Marlboro Country advertising campaign
????? Myth versus reality
????? Aspiration versus approachability

This initial phase of the study suggests the need to also consider balance in the larger context of the Marlboro Marketing Mix
????? Both within and between properties

Obviously, important to keep in mind cumulative and holistic effects of all Marlboro communications to YAM Marlboro smokers

Here are three ways to approach thinking about the Marlboro Marketing Mix issue:
1. Create a balanced image mix within each property
????? Apply current approach to Mainline Campaign to each Property to insure that it presents the complete Marlboro story
2. Let each property contribute to the overall mix those elements that come most "naturally"
????? Mythic, heroic dimensions from Advertising
????? Fun, approachable, sociable dimensions from Promotions
????? Modernity/leadership from Racing
3. A combination, creating an "image matrix" in which each property emphasizes those areas it best conveys, while supporting (or at least not contradicting) other core Marlboro values

1. Creating an image balance within each property
????? Insures that the Marlboro image is being fully supported no matter what vehicle is predominate in marketplace
????? Has worked well for Advertising

????? May be asking too much of properties that, by their nature, are more suited to certain image dimensions
????? How heroic can a "give away" promotion be?

2. Let each property contribute to the overall mix those image elements that come most "naturally"

????? Maximizes the communication of individual core values since each vehicle is effectively communicating its unique values

????? The sum may be less than the parts
????? Each property could become a freestanding entity, not working synergistically
????? Finally, can only work if each property has an equal effect on the image
????? However, we have seen the dramatic effect Promotions has had on Marlboro's image in a short time vs. the negligible effect of racing over 10 years
????? This suggests that the properties don't have an equal effect in the minds of YAMS

3. A combination ~ creating an "image matrix" in which each property emphasizes those areas it does best, while supporting (or at least not contradicting) other core Marlboro values

????? Allows each property do what it does best, while still supporting a synergistic effect

????? Hardest approach to manage

Some thoughts on implementing this image matrix approach:

Advertising should continue to portray both the mythic and realistic dimensions
????? The campaign is the main driver of the Marlboro Image
????? Must tell the whole story

However, balance in advertising should lean toward the mythic
????? This is the main, and perhaps only, source of mythic dimensions

Promotions, by their (short term, fun) nature, will carry most of the burden of conveying the approachability dimension
????? However, overall Marlboro image may benefit from injecting more balance into promotions communication by alternating the "fun-giveaway" aspect with other aspects such as challenge or philanthropy
????? More heroic, high ground, special
????? Also suggests that "The Unlimited Challenge" is on target

Racing is very effective against its audience of YAMS Racing enthusiasts
????? Overtly conveys drive to succeed AND leadership
????? Very appealing/aspirational

Also, functions differently than other properties
????? Clearly outside of Marlboro Country
????? Has not influenced perceptions of overall Marlboro image
????? Will need to go further to better understand "real world" effect of Racing

Next Steps

We've just looked at what our core audience (YAM Marlboro Red smokers) "takes away" from Marlboro's properties
????? Will serve as "baseline" from which other packings will be compared

Given growth of other Marlboro Packings, plan to continue Marketing Mix exploration with:
????? YAM Light Smokers
????? YAM Menthol smokers
????? YAM Medium smokers

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