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Winston Cigarettes

Winston Cigarettes Fine White (One)

Winston Cigarettes Fine White (One) data of packaging: 10 packs include 200 cigarettes in 88mm box. Cigs ingredients are 1mg of Tar and 0.1mg of Nicotine and made in Europe.

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The list of countries, where Winston cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Dominican Republic, Honduras, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, United States of America or USA or U.S. and  European countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands or Holland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Roumania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom or England or UK.
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Winston cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Chile, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA.

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Winston Cigarette Advertising Campaign

Winston Cigarette Advertising Campaign

Tobacco Cigs Brand Marketing News

RJR shifts business in Puerto Rica
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. Puerto Rico awarded its $3 Million Winston cigarette account to Lintas: Puerto Rico and its estimated $1 million Salem and Camel cigarette business to McCann-Erickson, Marti, Flores, Prieto & Wachtel previously handled both accounts.

Winston Select Cigarettes
According to trade sources, R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company is repackaging and reformulating Winston Select Cigarettes. The expected smoother taste and promotional pricing are described as positioning the brand more competitively with Marlboro.


Cigs and Tobacco History

Winston: Brand History

Winston Menthol

1967 (.253% Menthol)
In test in January and national by April, Winston Super Kings Menthol put $3,963,000 of their $5,310,000 for 1967 into television.
The cigarette had a 30 mm cork tip and a 25 mm cellulose acetate filter. Nicotine and tar was extremely high and just below 100 mm Salem. Initially, like Salem, the product in 1967 had a 20 mm filter and 24 mm of tipping.
Both the non-menthol and the menthol versions were introduced together on a national basis. A hinged box for the two 100 mm styles followed.
Normally, menthol Winston was tagged or, on sonic occasions, given dominance by way of announcement after the non-mentholated Winston Super Kings. In this case, the non-menthol version always had lead-off position on a :30/:30 basis. In another case, the menthol Winston 100 mm cigarette had its own :60 commercial.
The special menthol commercials had jingles for everyone. "What a combo! Winston and Menthol . . . And what's doubly nice, it's at a popular price! Tastes good, it should, it's Winston. "
Visuals showed water and a musical combo on a raft. Print, with $1,345,000, had the same approach and an unappealing illustration.
Winston Menthol's packaging was of gold foil and an off-center green block in which the brand name appeared discreetly. The package for the non-menthol 100 mm cigarette used a red block and otherwise looked the same as the menthol.
When Winston came out with the two new styles, we at Brown & Williamson were taken quite by surprise. Reynolds, it was thought, was smart enough not to proliferate or fragment a brand after the industry saw what happened in the early 1960's. This time, at least in 1967, it appeared to work. Probably because of the brand's healthy growth conditions.

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