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The list of countries, where Camel cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Australia, Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Czech, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Netherlands or Holland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Roumania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom or England or UK, United States of America or USA or U.S. The brand is popular in most countries of the world!

Camel cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA.

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Camel Cigarettes. Advertising in 1947

Camel Cigarettes. Advertising in 1947

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Camel Filter

Excerpts from Annual Marketing Plans 1973

1. Create an interest in and awareness of the CAMEL GT CHALLENGE Series among sports car enthusiasts.
2. Enhance broad-base awareness for the CAMEL GT CHALLENGE Series among male smokers in general, and young adult male smokers in specific.
3. Enhance attendance at each race and increase consumer awareness of the CAMEL GT CHALLENGE Series among young adult males within geographic proximity to each race.
1. Run a schedule in sports car and auto racing publications.
2. Run an adequate local newspaper advertising schedule for each sponsored race within a radius of 125 miles of the track.
3. " Run a minimal local newspaper advertising schedule for unsponsored races within a radius of 125 miles of the track.
4. Run one full page ad in program for all CAMEL GT CHALLENGE races.
5. Implement a direct mail program to car club members and known auto racing enthusiasts, utilizing promoter mailings where possible, to avoid expense.
1. A schedule in sports car and auto racing publications will serve to enhance awareness of and interest in the CAMEL GT CHALLENGE Series among sports car enthusiasts and the racing press. This effort should also aid in enhancing the stature and prestige of the series.
2. Announcement newspaper ads will be featured on a local basis in order to obtain maximum attendance at individual races and to achieve maximum impact within geographic proximity to the track.
3. Advertisements in racing programs will serve to enhance awareness of the CAMEL GT CHALLENGE series among spectators during and subsequent to race day.
4. A direct mail program targeted at road racing enthusiasts will supplement our other advertising efforts by obtaining awareness and direct involvement among the grass roots road racing enthusiasts.

1. Create awareness for CAMEL FILTER'S involvement in GT road racing.
2. Encourage consumer trial, conversion and loyalty.
3. Close distribution gaps.
4. Increase inventories.
1. Local
a. POS and display material will be placed at each track, and in retail outlets within a 125 mile radius of each track, to generate awareness of the CAMEL GT CHALLENGE series and to build the attendance at each event.
b. A consumer racing self-liquidator will be promoted via floor base displays.
c. The Sales Force will display the CAMEL pace/show car at shopping centers and other advantageous locations, to generate excitement and awareness of our program among consumers and the trade.
2. National
A national "B" sales promotion that incorporates a "Not For Everybody"/road racing theme will be implemented in July-August ???éČ??3 (see CAMEL FILTER marketing plan under "Sales Promotion").
1. The markets covered by the CAMEL GT CHALLENGE Series were not selected to overcome specific local marketing problems, however, it is believed that the results of sales efforts in these areas should be enhanced through participation in this program.
2. With a national sales effort planned for July-August ???éČ??3, an opportunity is provided to tie-in our special events program with a consumer promotional effort. In addition to strengthening CAMEL FILTER'S modern, masculine image, the promotion will serve to broaden awareness for CAMEL's involvement in GT road racing.

A. P-O-S Material
1. Imprint Poster (20w x 27-1/2") - providing date and location for each event.
2. One-carton riser card - generic racing.
3. Racing booklets - to be placed with 1-carton displays; providing information relating road racing in general and the CAMEL GT CHALLENGE series in particular.
4. Floor Base Riser Card - (90 carton) - premium offer.
5. Welcome Banner (3-1/2' x 10') - to be used at the track and within close proximity to the track.
B. Pace/Show Car
One De Tomaso Pantera will be used as a pace/show car for the ???éČ??3 season as follows:
1. The RJR Sales Force will display the Pantera at shopping centers and other advantageous locations in areas within a 125-mile radius of each race, between two-four weeks prior to each race. The .car will be displayed with a "billboard" announcing each upcoming race. Postcards of the Pantera will be distributed to spectators.
2. Local retailers will be requested to advertise that the Pantera will be on display, announcing the date and time.
3. The Pantera will be featured in local parades near each race whenever an opportunity exists to do so.
4. The Pantera will be on display at each track on race day and will be used in official ceremonies.
5. Posters and ad reprints will be furnished to Lincoln-Mercury dealers to show how the Pantera is involved as the official CAMEL GT CHALLENGE automobile. Tie-ins at the dealer level within geographic proximity to each track will be sought.
Racing Premiums
A group of racing premium self-liquidators is being developed to incorporate the CAMEL GT CHALLENGE logo (i.e., backpacks, sunglasses, t-shirts, racing jackets, posters, coolers, patches, etc.) The premiums could be sold at each track through a private concessionaire, or the Pantera driver could sell them out of a trailer at each track during the race weekend. In addition, coupons for the offer could be economically distributed as follows: (1) incorporated into the racing booklet, (2) given away while the Pantera is on display, (3) offered on 90-carton displays, (4) sent in each track's mailings for our race, or (5) advertised in race programs.
D. Racing Booklet
The current imprinted flier will be replaced by a small booklet which describes road racing in general and the CAMEL GT CHALLENGE Series in specific (including the race schedule and self-liquidator offer). To add prestige to the booklet, a reputable ' editor will be sought (i.e., John Radosta of a motor racing publication). The booklets could be distributed as follows: (1) on one-carton displays, (2) in track mailings, (3) at the Pantera display area.
E. Sampling
Miss CAMEL will be used to sample single cigarettes to the crowds during race weekends. If the program appears successful, an additional girl could be hired to assist in this activity.

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