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The list of countries, where Camel cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Australia, Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Czech, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Netherlands or Holland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Roumania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom or England or UK, United States of America or USA or U.S. The brand is popular in most countries of the world!

Camel cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA.

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Camel Cigarettes. Advertising in 1951

Camel Cigarettes. Advertising in 1951

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Camel Filter

Excerpts from Annual Marketing Plans 1976


A. Strategy
CAMEL FILTER?????S marketing strategy in ?????6 will be a continuation directions established with the Brand's repositioning effective April 1, this year. Specifically:
1. To aggressively target all marketing efforts against current and potential 85MM NFF male smokers aged 18-34 who perceive themselves as liberal, independent, adventurous and manly, with primary focus on the 18-24 age group.
2. To utilize a contemporary, masculine, independent image as the principal means of competing for these smokers through satisfying needs which are psychologically related to their attitudes, values and lifestyle.
3. To accentuate trial of the Brand's improved tobacco blend to more fully satisfy the product needs of these smokers.
4. To enter competition for 80-85MM normal-flavor male smokers aged 18-34 showing preferences for box-style packaging, primarily those in the 18-24' age group, and to defend the current franchise from potential losses to competitive box brands.
5. To allocate marketing resources as follows: (a) Place maximum feasible emphasis on reaching and converting target smokers as defined on a demographic/psychographic basis, (b) Place incremental emphasis in regions and markets with above-average sales potential based on volume contribution, share development, business momentum and competitive opportunity while also providing a base of resources sufficient to maintain long-term growth in the balance of the country, (c) Utilize media and the "One Of A Kind" advertising campaign as the principal vehicles for executing the Brand's strategy; utilize sales promotion, point-of-sale display and special events as supportive vehicles in extending the Brand's image and as direct inducements to product trial and purchase.
B. Advertising
CAMEL FILTER 85 will maintain the "One Of A Kind" creative platform in continuing to build a more contemporary, adventurous, independent and masculine image for the Brand with high consumer impact. This will be accomplished by portraying the Brand spokesman in situations which (a) capitalize on the Brand's inherent positive attributes (manly, brave/tough, daring/adventurous, and a leader) and which (b) strengthen the Brand's weaknesses (contemporary/ up-to-date, liberal, and sociable).
C. Media
The media plan will utilize a combination of print and out-of-home vehicles to deliver the Brand's advertising as effectively and efficiently as practicable to the target market.
For national year-around coverage support, magazines and Sunday Supplements will be used to establish a base of 85% reach and 4.0 frequency against the target.
A total of 33 high-potential Divisions have been selected for incremental advertising weight based on volume contribution, share development and business momentum as determined by the following market ranking formula, additional to Marlboro King's competitive position:
CF SOM Index x % CF Volume x CF Growth Index = Market Ranking "Yield"
Combined, these Divisions account for 34.3% of industry volume, 47% of CAMEL FILTER?????S volume and will receive 54.3% of total Brand media expenditures. Incremental media will consist of out-of-home vehicles (30-sheet; paint and Beetle-boards on a selected market basis) to provide additional reach of 90%, frequency of 17-26, and heavy impact against the target in these high-potential growth markets.
D. Sales Promotion
The following programs have been planned for ?????6:
National Primary Promotion: CAMEL FILTERS product and advertising will be displayed nationally at point-of-sale via the 30-pack upright stand with generic riser card. The July-September work period has been requested.
CCCD Display: At convenience outlets chosen for target-market patronage, the Brand will receive primary counter display in CCCD units. Again, the July-September work period has been requested.
Direct-Mail Marketing Program: To directly stimulate purchase and conversion among target smokers on a selected geographic basis, a direct-mail marketing effort in which price-off coupons (25??? off pack) would be promoted in conjunction with CAMEL FILTER?????S sponsorship of motorcycle racing and racing premiums is currently planned for first quarter, ?????6. Upon successful test results in 19 75, the program will be expanded to markets accounting for 46% of U. S. population, 45% of U. S. motorcycle registrants, and 4 7% of CAMEL FILTERS volume.
Media Promotion: To provide increased impact for the Brand's advertising, a consumer premium offer designed around the contemporary, independent imagery of the Brand spokesman will be tentatively conducted in print media during the fourth quarter ?????6 (e.g., Mexican Bazaar - offer of stylish Mexican apparel items in association with the Brand spokesman's travels and lifestyle).
If successful in test market, CAMEL FILTER Box will be a major component within the total Brand's long-term strategy of enhancing appeal and building business among young-adult male smokers.
Assuming successful test market results, the Brand will be expanded to a minimum of 39.6% of U. S. (high-potential markets) by ?????8 along two avenues of approach: (1) as a line extension in those markets with above-average Brand and box development where CAMEL FILTER could be potentially supported in two styles of packaging (based on Sacramento test market), and (b) as a replacement to CAMEL FILTER 85 in those markets where the Brand has been performing poorly but where the Box category is quite strong and where a CAMEL FILTER Box replacement might improve potential for future growth (based on Albany test market).
Expansion is scheduled to begin on April 1, ?????6, in markets accounting for 23.8% of U. S. where Box will be supported additional to the soft-pack.
Advertising: The Brand's advertising, if effective in test market, will be an extension of the current creative platform which gives primary emphasis to quick communication that CAMEL FILTERS is available in a box with subordinate emphasis to the user image of the Brand spokesman in the national "One Of A Kind" campaign.
Media: The Brand's advertising message will be delivered to the target market through a combination of Sunday Supplements and out-of-home vehicles, selected for their ability to provide high levels of reach and frequency on a local-market basis efficiently. To maximize economies, CAMEL FILTER 85 advertising will be replaced by Box advertising where ever practicable in expansion markets. Increased advertising weight will be scheduled during introductory months to assist in establishing rapid awareness.
Sales Promotion: The Brand's introduction will be supported by (a) the standard $6.00 per 12M case introductory allowance where Box is sold additional to the soft-pack, (b) a primary display effort (renewable) consisting of 30-pack upright, low-profile and 2-carton display units, and (c) utilization of CCCD extenders to achieve display in additional outlets where target-market patronage is high.
Source of Funding: The above programs will be funded from total CAMEL FILTER marketing funds since CAMEL FILTER Box is a packaging variation - not a product extension -within the same category as the parent Brand (80-85MM NFF).
F. Special Events
IMSA: CAMEL FILTER will continue to sponsor the CAMEL GT Challenge Series. Individual race attendance has been increasing approximately 50% per year, and total attendance for ?????5 is expected to reach 420M, up from 217M in ?????4. Key objectives are to (a) increase the Brand's franchise among road race enthusiasts, and to (b) enhance the Brand's image as a contemporary, young-adult cigarette through strengthening the association between CAMEL FILTERS and this exciting event.
AMA: CAMEL FILTER will continue to sponsor the CAMEL Pro Series motorcycle event. For the first seven of 21 races scheduled in ?????5, attendance has totaled 213M, and there is every indication that our future involvement will benefit the Brand through (a) expanding the association between CAMEL FILTERS and growing motorsports with target market appeal, and (b) enlarging the Brand's franchise among Pro Series race enthusiasts.
Hell Drivers: CAMEL FILTER will again sponsor the Hell Driver Program which efficiently provides outreach to prime prospects living in rural areas.
G. Product
With the objective of maintaining the smoking qualities of the improved CAMEL FILTER product, efforts will be undertaken to gradually lower 'tar' and nicotine content from the current levels of 19 and 1.3. A prototype product at 18 mg. 'tar' and 1.2 mg. nicotine is presently in development and will be tested this year.
IV. ?????6 BUDGET
CAMEL FILTER?????S total marketing budget will be $9,300M in ?????6, an absolute increase of 8% over $8,618M in ?????5. However, when looked at on a per-thousand-cigarette basis (including Box), marketing expenditures will not increase appreciably between ?????5 and ?????6 (from $1.36 to $1.37).
Seventeen percent of the 19 76 budget will be expended in support of the planned Box expansion ($1,610M) and the balance will be allocated to CAMEL FILTER 85 ($7,690M).
Total Agency expense will increase by $244M in ?????6 due primarily to rate increases. However, on a per-thousand-cigarette basis, advertising expenditures will actually decrease from $1.21 in ?????5 to $1.17 in ?????6.
Total Sales Promotion expense will increase by $501M to reflect funding of the direct-mail marketing effort and expansion of CAMEL FILTER Box. On a per-thousand-cigarette basis, this will equate to $.12 in ?????6 versus $.05 in ?????5 ($.07 if gratis product for sampling is included).
Special Events Programs expense will increase by $61M to cover funding of additional races planned in 19 76. However, on a per-thousand-cigarette basis, Special Events expenditures will be maintained at $.08.
Other Direct expense will show a marginal increase and Gratis expenditures, due to the cessation of sampling activity in ?????5, will decrease by $127M.

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