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Virginia Slims Cigarettes

Virginia Slims Cigarettes UNO White

Virginia Slims Cigarettes UNO White data of packaging: 10 packs include 200 cigarettes in 100mm box. Cigs ingredients are 6mg of Tar and 0.7mg of Nicotine and made in Europe.

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The list of countries, where Virginia Slims cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Australia, Canada, Japan, United States of America (US) and  European countries: Germany and United Kingdom (UK).

The scale of popularity is based on search queries of those users who try to buy cigarettes online.

Soon we'll make the list of cigarettes popularity according to discount cigarettes sales online.

Also we are planning to observe the cigarette prices in different countries.

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Virginia Slims cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Japan, Taiwan, USA.

Tobacco Cigs Brand Marketing News

VIRGINIA SLIMS and Glamour: Find Your Own Voice

October, 1999


• Objective: Garner leadership and heightened visibility for the Virginia Slims brand within the GLAMOUR franchise.
• Review how GLAMOUR'S editorial platform is in perfect synergy with the new Slims campaign theme of "find your own voice".
• Create a "home position" that can be sustained over time.
• Highlight any special issues that have synergy for the new Slims campaign.
• Present new opportunities to increase visibility of Slims within the pages of GLAMOUR.

GLAMOUR'S Editorial Platform and Synergy

• In addition to the perfect editorial platform, GLAMOUR also offers Slims strong editorial synergy issue-in, issue-out:
• This year GLAMOUR celebrates its 10th year of honoring Ten Women Of The Year providing further role models for our readers.
• GLAMOUR covers multi-cultural editorial and topics recognizing the world is "Technicolor.".
• For the past 42 years GLAMOUR has featured the Top 10 College Women's Competition. -
• "Empower Reads" has been added to the Table of Contents.

Slims "Home Position" Within GLAMOUR

• Recognizing that Slims would like to enhance its campaign theme by showcasing its new creative within appropriate GLAMOUR editorial, we are offering a "home position" with perfect editorial synergy.
• Watch Worthy Women or WOW Women
• Slims is guaranteed to run within this editorial feature for each insertion scheduled in FY 2000. This guarantee is based on a minimum paging commitment of 18 Slims pages.

GLAMOUR Special Issues and Editorial Features

GLAMOUR has two annual issues that truly drive home the new Slims message:
- October: Top 10 College Winners
- December: Women Of The Year- WOTY
ONGOING FEATURES for Slims message:
- Watch Worthy Women and WOW Women
- The Great Debate
- The Editorial Column
- The Get Ahead Guide to Jobs and Money
- Hear Me Out

Heightened In-Book Exposure

In addition to the "home position," GLAMOUR is offering the following opportunities to farther enhance its campaign theme within the pages:
- Virginia Slims Turn Passion Into Profit contest
- The Find Your Voice Editorial Poll* (upon approval)
- The Designers for Tomorrow contest
- Virginia Slims Be a Doer or Darer contest
- How To Invest Your First Million Dollars advertorial

Turn Passion Into Profit contest

• Virginia Slims would sponsor a contest which calls for entries from women who want to start their own businesses in year 2000. Readers would be asked to submit their business plan or proposal for a start-up business.
• Ten winners would receive $2,000 each.
• Winners would also receive 24 hours of consultation from the Glamour business team of professionals, e.g. Business Manager, Marketing Director, Sales Director and the Graphics Design Team.
• In-book, the call for entries would launch within Watch Worthy Women (or Glamour's Get Ahead Guide to Jobs and Money) with a Slims sponsored 2-sided insert which would include the entry form.
• The entry form insert would run twice and six months later Virginia Slims would sponsor the followup insert featuring the winners.

The Find Your Voice Poll

• Glamour's editors (upon approval) would invite readers to name the female personalities who best represent their own viewpoint and perspective, e.g. Madonna, Lauren Hill, Christine Todd Whitman. The Find Your Voice Poll would cover the areas of technology, architecture, fashion, engineering, entertainment and beauty.
• The Find Your Voice Poll would be announced around a noted date in
women's history, i.e. Susan B. Anthony's birthday, the announcement of the Pill, the 19th Amendment, etc.
The Poll would be announced within Watch Worthy Women | sponsored by with additional notice on the Glamour Special Events page as added value and on-line
• The Poll would have strong public relations appeal and Glamour would assist in press placement.

The Designers for Tomorrowcontest

• Virginia Slims would sponsor a search for the emerging fashion designers who will be leading the new feminism look in the next century.
• This contest could be announced in a number of ways in-book including:
• -Advertorial page
• -BRC card
• -Glamour promotional page, "the Little Black Book"
• -Glamour's reader response page

Be a Doer or Darer!

• What's Your Dream Job? Fly with the Blue Angels, Be a Texas Ranger, Be a Diamond Cutter? Write and convince us that you'd be perfect for your dream job and Glamour will make it happen for a week.
• In-book, Virginia Slims would announce the contest on a 2-sided insert in the June issue with a follow-up up insert featuring the winners in November, all within Watch Worthy Women.

How To Invest Your First Million Dollars

Virginia Slims would provide young women with the financial information needed for their bright future.
In-book 1/3 column advertorials sponsored by Virginia Slims would give advice, 800#5 website information and overall tips and tricks for the savvy leaders of tomorrow.
The 1/3 columns would be a series of 2, 4 or 6 and run within Watch Worthy Women and would be sponsored by Virginia Slims.


GLAMOUR is the perfect partner for Slims to run its PLI program within FY 2000:
• Perfect editorial synergy.
• "Home Positions" and themed issue providing excellent synergy with the magazine.
• Special in-book opportunities to gain greater visibility for the Slims brand.

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