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Glamour Cigarettes

Glamour Cigarettes 1 Superslims Amber

Glamour Cigarettes 1 Superslims Amber data of packaging: 10 packs include 200 cigarettes in 100mm box. Cigs ingredients are 1mg of Tar and 0.2mg of Nicotine and made in Europe.

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The list of countries, where Glamour cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Australia, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (US).

The scale of popularity is based on search queries of those users who try to buy cigarettes online.

Soon we'll make the list of cigarettes popularity according to discount cigarettes sales online.

Also we are planning to observe the cigarette prices in different countries.

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Tobacco Cigs Brand Marketing News

Marlboro Medium in Saudi Aravia

Comparison And Preference Between Concepts

This section determines respondents' preference between the two concepts and further explores opinions regarding improvements desired for the campaign. Finally, it highlights their suggestions in terms of alternative advertising concepts which could better sell the brand.

Preference Between Concepts

Most respondents have claimed their preference for Concept (A) compared to Concept (B):
The predominant aspect governing this overwhelming preference is the consistency of the theme in Concept (A) with that of the traditional Marlboro advertising which respondents have grown familiar to. This theme i.e. horses and natural scenes is perceived to be very successful in portraying the Marlboro image of strength, power, liveliness and endurance.
"Concept A shows the whole image and it has similar concept to the old image and it has similar theme to the old ads"
(Arab Expat – Riyadh – Winston smoker)
'Visuals in Concept A are more indicative of Marlboro brand" (Arab Expat – Riyadh – Marlboro Red smoker)
"Concept A shows horses reflects power"
(National – Jeddah – Marlboro Light smoker)
"Concept A reflects, Marlboro brand more than concept B"
(National – Riyadh – Kent Light smoker)
"Concept A is preferred for two reasons: close to Marlboro concept horses make ad more attractive and more exciting"
(Arab Expat – Riyadh – Merit Ultra Light smoker)
In terms of visual appeal, Concept (A) incorporates attractive visuals depicting nature and wilderness, compared to Concept (B).
"Concept A is more descriptive, horses image reflect beauty, speed and power of Marlboro brand"
(National – Riyadh – Marlboro Red Smoker)
Overall, respondents regard the presence of horses to be a valuable element within the overall advertising concept. The scenes of galloping horses is believed to add excitement to the atmosphere surrounding me advertisement.
Lastly, it is undisputed that Concept (A) has been more effective and successful in communicating the intended message i.e. it clearly indicates that it is an advertisement for cigarettes unlike Concept (B) where the various accessories shown are considered to have no relevance to a cigarette advertisement
"Concept A, has more meaning than concept B"
(Arab Expat – Riyadh – Marlboro Red smoker)
"Concept A reflects, Marlboro brand more than concepts"
(National – Riyadh – Marlboro Light smoker)
"Concept A is much closer to the whole idea of Marlboro (National-Jeddah-Silk Cut smoker)

Improvements to Campaigns

Respondents were asked for their opinions regarding the improvements which they would make to the campaign if given the opportunity.
The following modification were suggested;
- Concept A:
The most frequently mentioned suggestion was that there should be indications on the pack regarding the levels of tar and nicotine.
Furthermore, there has been mentions related to the characters of the advertisement. i.e. it would be more appropriate if advertisements included a cowboy riding on the horse in order to associate more to Marlboro brand.
Lastly, few respondents mentioned that advertisement could include a male/female holding the pack of cigarettes. They even suggested that famous characters such as actors or actresses would be more appealing.
- Concept B:
• Indications of levels of tar and nicotine level
• More appropriate colors and down scaling of the number of different colors
• Should be more artistic by incorporating beautiful scenic views
. Make it more comprehensive
. Almost half of respondents mentioned that Concept (B) advertisements should be dropped because it is not appropriate for the Marlboro brand

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