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Cigarette and Tobacco:
Questions - Answers

Excerpts from General Information Reference Manual
Consumer Information Center
Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation,

PRICING (Pricing-General, Retailer-Overcharged)

"Why don't you have a manufacturer's SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE?" "What is going on with your prices?"

Currently, we do not have a manufacturer's suggested retail price. However, we can certainly understand your concern for pricing and appreciate your call. You can be assured that your comments regarding this issue will be passed along to management.

If you are unhappy with a particular retail price, we might suggest that you do some comparison shopping with other stores in your area and frequent the one with the most competitive price.



"Can a RETAILER SET A LIMIT on the number of B1G1Fs a consumer can purchase?"

Brown and Williamson does not set selling guidelines for retailers who have our buy-one-get-one-free promotions. If a retailer chooses to limit purchases, that is his/her choice. If you are unhappy with a particular retail practice, we might suggest that you inform the store's management of your disapproval.

(Please send a FYI notification to TSM via CRS.)


RECYCLING (Recyclable/Biodegradable)

"RECYCLABLE? BIODEGRADABLE? What's the story on your cigarettes?"

Our packaging materials are in fact recyclable and most of them are biodegradable. Whether or not our packaging is accepted by your local recycling agency depends on the center's limitation. We might suggest contacting them directly for specifics.

Environmental conditions, including climate, also have an impact on how fast or slow a material deteriorates.

(If asked directly, you can say, "Our pack film, tear tape, inner foil and filters are not biodegradable.")

"What do you do with the RALEIGH-BELAIR and/or TUBE ROSE coupons I send you?"

After your order has been processed, the coupons are taken weekly to a recycling center where they are turned into paper towels and other products.


SMOKE ODOR (Air Quality)

"What will TAKE THE ODOR OF SMOKE OUT of my clothes and household items?"

1) Opening windows and using fans to circulate the stale air.

2) Placing bowls of vinegar around the room and/or burning candles/incense.

3) Adding a small amount of corn starch/baking soda to your laundry to absorb the odors.


STALE (Code Dating/Wants Schematic)

"Hoy can I increase the SHELF-LIFE of my cigarettes?(i. e. the consumer purchases in large amounts).

Other consumers have told us that putting cigarettes in a sip-lock bag and placing them in the freezer preserves cigarettes very well.


TARGET MARKET (Target Market)

"T can't get promotions because my business is not in your target area." (Retailer)

What I would like to do is make our sales department aware of your concern and interest in getting promotions for your customers. Can I take your name...

"I heard you TARGET YOUR PROMOTIONS towards XYZ groups. "

We designed our brands and promotions to appeal to a broad range of adult smokers. But we appreciate your calling.


TOBACCO STAINS (Tobacco Stains)

"How can I REMOVE a tobacco stain?"

Because fabrics and blends vary in clothing, there is no universal tobacco stain remover. We suggest you ask your local dry cleaner about the stain and what treatment to use.


TOLL-FREE NUMBER (Toil-Free Number)

"Are you the only company with a toll-free number?"

Brown and Williamson is the only tobacco company in the industry that has an 800 number on all of its tobacco products. Other tobacco companies do have 800 numbers, but only on certain products they manufacture.

UNION SEALS (Union Seal)

"Which Brown and Williamson brands have the UNION SEALS ON THE CIGARETTE PACKS?"

Our RALEIGH and BELAIR brands have the union seals on the packs.

"Why don't your other brands have union labels?"

It is truly because of space limitations and the appearance of our packaging that we don't print union seals on other products. All of our cigarettes are made in the same factory.

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