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The list of countries, where Benson & Hedges cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Australia, Canada, Germany,United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (US).

Benson & Hedges (B & H) cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Czech, England, France, Germany, India, Italy, Malaysia, South Africa, Switzerland, USA.

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Benson and Hedges Cigarettes. Advertising (ads) in 1996

Benson and Hedges Cigarettes. Advertising (ads) in 1996

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Benson & Hedges Special Filter

When the rules prevent you from showing much, or saying much, how can you advertise your cigarettes? Some examples from France.
Benson & Hedges Special Filter devotes the greater part of the area of its colour magazine full page advertisements to a single cigarette, beside a Company symbol carrying the words "Established 1873. Old Bond Street, London". Apart from a picture of the pack, the only additional feature is a base line in small type: "From the House of Benson & Hedges: Benson & Hedges Special Filter". The advertising, within the restrictions of the code, still conveys the discreet prestige image of the brand. The compulsory understatement of the code harmonizes naturally with the deliberate understatement of a believably up market brand. Kool Filter Kings are simply nut effectively advertised, using only one word of copy - the brand name Kool. A pack and cigarette are shown, not very large, on a green background which is lighter at the top than the bottom. The major graphic element is a stylised presentation of the Kool name. This has been made of linked letters in a clear plastic material in which are trapped bubbles of air. The effect of this, photographec on its green background, is to convey the Kool name in a way which is redolent of freshness, the bubbles looking like drops of clear water. A simple use of graphic imagination to convey something for which words are denied. SEITA's Gitanes are advertised by a greatly enlarged section of the pack front which shows cigarettes, foil, and just enough of the brand's gipsy symbol to win instant recognition. Our German associate's Kim uses two vertical half-pages in preference to an orthodox full page in advertising the menthol and non-menthol versions of the brand. In each of the twin ads the smoke from a cigarette (balanced on a pack) curls upwards to form the name Kim. Coloring in each instance echoes that of the pack's wavy line device. The American Tobacco Company has opted for a deceptively simple approach for its brands. Four of these are featured - Pall Mall and Lucky Strike, each in two versions. The prominence given to the Company name effectively draws attention to the American origin of the cigarettes, despite an unimaginative layout. Newspaper advertising for Philip Morris KSF and Marlboro uses insertion spaces in unusual ways to achieve effect. Three single-column spaces for the former show a lit cigarette - firstly at full length, and then progressively smaller. Two Marlboro ads appear on the same page: one a pack-face facsimile and the other the name Marlboro in pack-style on a wood-grain background. Other advertisers have tended to resort to more straightforward pack illustrations, with (one would guess) less communicative impact. When copy is all but prohibited and visual illustration strictly limited, a little imagination can convey a surprising amount. For something in the order of twenty years advertising for Rothmans King Size has claimed the brand to be the "World's Largest Selling King Size Virginia". It is a claim which implies more than it says, for it includes the very real qualifying descriptions "King Size" and "Virginia". Nonetheless, the claim is of something very substantial, and it has been based on simple fact. Over the years its clear lead among King Size Virginias has become less pronounced. Over the past year or so in particular the growth of Benson & Hedges Special Filter has narrowed the gap dramatically. An important contribution to this has been the U. K. market, where Benson & Hedges Special Filter outsells Rothmans K. S. by more than 2 to 1 in a fast-growing King Size sector. Because precise figures on a world scale are hard to come by it has not been realistic to contest the claim at the present time, though evidence would appear to suggest that there is some doubt about its present truth. In terms of trend, our evidence indicates that. B&H Special Filter is the more progressive of the two, worldwide. It is therefore of interest to note that Rothmans are giving extra prominence to a "World Leader" copy statement in a number of markets, spreading from the U. K. to Australia. Maybe the aim is to wring as much mileage from the claim while the going is good.


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