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The list of countries, where Benson & Hedges cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Australia, Canada, Germany,United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (US).

Benson & Hedges (B & H) cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Czech, England, France, Germany, India, Italy, Malaysia, South Africa, Switzerland, USA.

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Benson and Hedges Cigarettes. Advertising (ads) in 1992

Benson and Hedges Cigarettes. Advertising (ads) in 1992

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Evaluation of Gallaher B&H special mild relative to their B&H Special Filter and Silk Cut KS brands

Gallaher launched Benson & Hedges Special Mild (B&H SM), King Size, in the U. K. in autumn 1992 with pack deliveries (10mg NFDPM, 0. 9mg nicotine) positioned midway between those of Gallaher Benson & Hedges Special Filter (B&H SF) and Silk Cut KS (SCKS). The brand has been promoted as a line extension and slightly milder version of their B&H SF. The project objective was to compare physical, blend and delivery properties within the three products to determine Gallaher policies related to delivery change. Results were also to be set in the context of BAT B&H SM products made in Belgium for their domestic market (9mg NFDPM) and for France (7mg NFDPM), with a view to determining any points of value in the design of lower delivery extensions of B&H SF. Laboratory results indicate that Gallaher B&H SM blend is the same or very similar to their B&H SF blend and that the filter is to the same specification as that used in SCKS, with deliveries adjusted to a point midway between the other two brands by appropriate levels of filter ventilation and paper permeability. These design findings do not reveal lessons for the development of own tower delivery products, though it may be noted that Gallaher have chosen to use the same blend in a slightly lower delivery extension, as have PM in their Marlboro medium extension of full flavour Marlboro, based on a recent STC examination. It may also be noted that Gallaher have chosen to use zone perforation on B&H SM which is not visually obvious and is therefor compatible with its advertising. This contrasts with highly visible ventilation holes on SCKS, a brand where substantially more emphasis has been placed on its low delivery and mild properties. The SCKS blend was different to the other two, with about 8 percent expanded lamina (compared to 2 percent) and chemical indications of slightly more burley. Burley levels in all three blends were probably in the 5-10 percent range, based on blend chemistry comparisons with the two BAT B&H SM blends which contain 7-9 percent, such estimates based on blend chemistry are subject to substantial error, but are nevertheless a guide, all three Callaher blends contained 6-7 percent R. T. S. R. T. S nicotine was not measured but has previously been found to be high (2. 6 percent) from their B&H SF blend (project apple, 1991). Stem levels were similar across the three blends, a best estimate being 17-20 percent with a wide margin of error because of overestimation in the separation of stem through inclusion of stem-in-lamina. None of the blends contained oriental tobacco. Glycerol, propylene glycol and diammonium phosphate (DAP) additives were absent. The two BAT B&H SM blend specifications show some differences to the Gallaher results, though burley levels appear similar as noted above. The blend for the French market contains 17 percent DIET, approximately twice that of SCXS. One effect of this is that although these two products have similar physical designs, tobacco densities and deliveries, the higher DIET level will account for at least half of the rod pressure drop difference (89mm w. g. for BAT B&H SM (France) compared to SCKS at 66mm w. g. ). The BAT blend contains 3 percent R. T. S. compared with SCKS at & percent, the second BAT B&H SM, far the Belgian domestic market (9mg NFDPM), contains 10 percent DIET, similar to SCKS but probably more stem than SCKS (25 percent specified compared to 17-20 percent estimated for SCKS). BAT rod pressure drop (71mm w. g.) is slightly higher than that of SCKS. the BAT blend contains no R. T. S. Sensory properties of Gallaher B&H SM were not compared to those of BAT products. A recent BTC test of Gallaher B&H SF against BAT B&H SF (GT, Belgian domestic and Franca) found the Callaher product to be substantially more irritating against GT and Belgian domestic, with strong preference for the BAT products. There was a weak preference for the Gallaher product against BAT French product. Overall, the results suggested that there were no blend lessons from the Callaher product. Therefore, their B&H SM, which has the same or very similar blend, was not tested. However, tests against Gallaher products of similar delivery should be considered, as one measure of sensory performance, when bland specifications and delivery targets are agreed for lower delivery extensions of B&H SF. SCKS will be more appropriate than Gallaher B&H SM if the target NFDPM delivery is 7mg.


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