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The list of countries, where All Natural Native cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Canada and United States of America (US).

The scale of popularity is based on search queries of those users who try to buy cigarettes online.

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All Natural Native cigarettes are manufactured in following country USA.

Tobacco Cigs Brand Marketing News

"Microcigs Gaining Cigarette Market Share"

"Microcigs," cigarette brands produced by smaller and lesser-known tobacco companies, are gaining popularity among U.S. smokers. Several microcigs specialty manufacturers have appeared throughout the nation over the past few years, producing everything from all-natural Native American Spirits to New Age blends like Magic Herbal. Microcigs currently only hold one percent of the market, but in a $44 billion industry, it is a substantial amount.

Exotic cigarettes seemed to have gained popularity at a time when smokers are forbidden to enjoy their cigarettes in most public places. Reasons why Star Tobacco's Gunsmoke found a market among thousands of American smokers may include the brand's rugged "Western" blend appeal to heartland smokers, as well as the fact that the cigarettes burn a minute and a half longer than conventional fare. Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co.'s American Spirits markets its brand to health-conscious smokers who like their cigarettes "all natural," event hough they contain more tar and nicotine than Marlboros.

While the microcigs brands are nowhere near rivaling the popularity of Camels or Kents, they appear to be more than just the latest novelty item. With the industry under attack from anti-smoking activists, people are smoking fewer cigarettes but better ones, according to Diana Silvius Gits, owner of Chicago's Up Down Tobacco Shop. "Before, people would smoke like they were going to a fire. Now they enjoy what they're smoking," she said. Small manufacturers also have a better chance of success now that they are able to purchase used equipment from big companies who have modernized.

Newsweek (11/13/95) Vol. 126, No. 20, P. 60

Cigs and Tobacco History

Japan's "Hi-Lite" Now The Free World's Biggest Seller?

Indications are that the Japanese brand Hi-Lite has ousted Winston from the free world's top brand position - a position the American brand has held for several years pas:
According to estimates received by Statistical Department for the last quarter of 1968, Winston in all its versions sold a monthly average of around 8 000 million, with Hi-Lite (in two versions) totaling over 8, 750 million - a pronounced increase over the previous quarter.
We cannot take these figures as absolute It is believed that the Winston figures, including as they do all Reynolds brands exported from the U. S. A., are over-stated as they must take in a considerable volume of Salem. The Hi-Lite figures may conceivably reflect a short-term rise, and may drop in the March '69 quarter
The "Free World Top Twenty" brand list has not yet been brought right up to date, but the October '68 position may be of interest to some of our readers at that time the list was as follows:
1 Winston F. T
2 Hi-Lite F T (Japan)
3 Pall Mall Non filter (ATCo and BAT)
4 Marlboro F T
5 Salem F T
6 Camel Non-filter
7 Kent F T
8 Embassy F T
9 Kool F T
10 Gauloises Caporal Non filter
11 Peter Stuyvesant F T
12 Viceroy F T
13 Lucky Strike Non-filter (ATCo and BAT)
14 Wakaba F T (Japan)
15 HB F T (Germany)
16 Shinsei Non-filter (Japan)
17 Tareytox F. T
18 Players -No 6 F T. (Players UK and BAT)
19 Celtas Non-filter (Spain)
20 L&M F T
It is not surprising that American brands, largely made up with domestic sales in the vast 46. 000 million a month U S market, dominate the list. Yet it may come as something of a shock to many to realize that no fewer than 3 Japanese brands are included The Japanese market totals some 16, 000 million a month, but being a Monopoly, it offers only a limited brand choice to consumers - as opposed to the highly competitive multi-brand U. S. market.
Similar factors are apparent for the inclusion of France's Gauloises Caporal and Spain's C eltas.
All the brands shown represent all sizes - but refer only to a plain or filter version Thus Pall Mall, for example, does not include filter variations Some (as in the case of Pall Mall and Lucky Strike) even represent more than one brand owner Not taken into account are brands from the Controlled Economy countries of Asia and Eastern Europe which might otherwise influence the list.


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