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Female Celebrity Smoking

Caroline Cellier (1945)
Melanie Griffith (1957)
Sharon Stone (1958)
Monica Bellucci (1964
Sophie Marceau (1966)
Uma Thurman (1970)
Asia Argento (1975)

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Female Celebrity Smoking

Caroline Cellier (1945)

L'Ann???©e des m???©duses (1984)

"Valerie has a lighting up scene and Caroline smokes topless several times. Good job!"

Fragile(s) (2007)

"Gillain smokes for quality and quantity with more than a dozen drags, exhales, snap-inhales and light-ups. Martins smokes a joint in one scene, a cigarette in another. Cellier has a drag with a nose exhale/talk exhale, another drag, and another drag/exhale in a hospital. Yung puts a joint in her mouth in one scene but doesn't light it, and has a drag/exhale in amnother scene with a cigarette"

Melanie Griffith (1957)

Working Girl (1988)

"[Griffith] from about a quarter of the way through the film where she is holding an all-white that must've been edited out of the tv version. Also unmentioned, regarding her Larks, she is seen carrying a carton in when she is arriving at work.

Lolita (1997)

"Griffith smokes quite a bit early in the movie. Unfiltered cigs (50's). Dominique Swain (only 14 at the time, obviously not IRL), has one scene at the end in which she mainly just holds. Her character is pregnant at the time, if that appeals to anyone."

Shadow of Doubt (1998)

"[Griffith] There are (approximately) half dozen smoking scenes, most of which are standard fare (you see just enough to tease you) but there are two fairly good scenes toward the end of the movie"

Sharon Stone (1958)

Basic Instinct (1992)

Sharon at her best. I wish she'd smoked all-white's but everything else is perfect. Close-ups, inhales and reasonably long exhales. A classic!

Casino (1995)

"This will probably be a disappointment even for hard-core Sharon Stone fans. Just a few scenes, late in the (incredibly-long) movie."
"Stone did not smoke Virgina Slims 100's it was Virgina Slims 120's."

Monica Bellucci (1964)

L'Appartement (1996)

"Bohringer smokes in three scenes, including two drags/exhales full to camera. Bellucci drags in one scene, but barely inhales."

Mal????na (2000)

"Believe I saw the u.s. version and there's only two scenes. First has a close up of a drag and then she lets some uninhaled smoke just slowly flow out of her mouth. Then gets up and take another drag where a lot of smoke seems uninhaled and gives a small exhale. Second scene has her putting a cigarette to her lips causing many men with matches and lighters to congregrate. She gets lit up and take a drag with some smoke that comes out. That's it, unfortunately."

Sophie Marceau (1966)

La Boum (1980)

"[Marceau] Beginner's smoking. A very young Sophie Marceau takes 1 drag inhales and then exhales nicely partially coughing it out at the end."

La Boum 2 (1982)

"15-year-old Sophie is wonderful in her one brief smoking sequence. It's a fantasy in which her mother, watching Sophie in dance class, imagines her in a series of moments from Hollywood musicals. In one, Sophie portrays a dark-haired femme fatale complete with very long cigarette holder - probably based on Cyd Charisse in 'Singing in the Rain.' As the scene begins, the self-assured young girl executes a perfect twin nostril exhale, followed by a bit more residual smoke, then starts dancing. There are no more exhales, but she uses the holder provocatively as she dances, including several seconds of dangling. You may only be able to find a copy in the original French, but don't worry if you don't speak the language. Sophie clearly speaks ours."

La Fid???©lit???© (2000)

"Smokes in 4 scenes in this long movie! Nothing really great in any of the scenes, mostly shot at long distance, but scene 3 about 2 hours in, has a straight at camera inhale/exhale from a medium distance.

Uma Thurman (1970)

Pulp Fiction (1994)

"[Thurman] one of the great movies of all time for photos of a woman *holding* a cigarette. If only Uma smoked as many times!"
"I think the Thurman comment above is quite misleading; she smokes in just about every scene she's in, with probably 10 exhales altogether, beginning with a drag and exhale in the car as they arrive at Jack Rabbit Slim's. Once they're seated in the restaurant, she takes a hand-rolled from Travolta and has several more exhales, then when their food arrives she eats about 2 bites before lighting another one, with still more exhales. She also luxuriously lights up and has a couple of drags in the scene at her home just before she OD's, and then has her best drag/exhale in Butch's dressing room after the fight. In all, a complete smoke-fest for Uma. Jones (the cabdriver) also holds and shows the beginning of a drag in a too-brief, but well-lit, scene."

Asia Argento (1975)

Compagna di viaggio (1996)

"Argento smokes in 8 scenes, the highlights being 2 excellent nose exhales after she's taken a shower, several light-ups and other visible exhales. Cohen lights up and exhales in one scene."

Transylvania (2006)

"Argento has two or three scenes, all outdoors in winter, and she's wrapped up in gypsy costume. She dangles for minutes on end, sometimes dragging and exhaling, but it's almost all shot from a rather large distance. There is one reasonably close-up shot of an exhale. Oh, and her character's pregnant. Casar has one drag/exhale in a club, not very well lit so the smoke is not too visible."

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