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All Natural Native Cigarettes

All Natural Native Cigarettes Menthol Lights

100 percent Additive-Free

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The list of countries, where All Natural Native cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Canada and United States of America (US).

The scale of popularity is based on search queries of those users who try to buy cigarettes online.

Soon we'll make the list of cigarettes popularity according to discount cigarettes sales online.

Also we are planning to observe the cigarette prices in different countries.

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All Natural Native cigarettes are manufactured in following country USA.

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Camel. Cigarette Advertising Campaign. 1933

Camel. Cigarette Advertising Campaign. 1933

Tobacco Cigs Brand Marketing News

The U. S. Coupon Brand Market

Brown & Williamson, our American friends, have been traditionally strong in coupon brands. Their Raleigh cigarettes have had coupons since 1932, the first premium being a deck of playing cards. Its success prompted a wider range, and by 1935 there was a catalogue of 22 items. Currently the Raleigh gift catalogue contains over 1, 000 premiums. In 1943 the programme had to be suspended, and sales dropped to around 3 billion - but on the return of coupons in 1949 sales rocketed up to 7 billion, proof enough of the importance of coupons to the brand's success.
 In '62 Raleigh coupons were extended to the menthol brand Belair, and this brand's sales shot up in the first year by 155. 5% and has continued to grow steadily. In 1968 Raleigh ranked l2th among U. S. cigarette brands, with Belair in 16th place.
 Competitors could not be expected to keep out of the coupon business, and over the years a number of other coupon brands appeared. Alpine, from Philip Morris, appeared in 1964 (now 22nd in the brand order), and the same company added coupons to their Galaxy the same year. In an effort to "beef up" Alpine's disappointing increase, Philip Morris added S&H Green Stamps in early '67 premiums being redeemable either through the appointed operating company or through the S&H redemption centers. Despite these efforts, both brands have shown a decline in the last year. Lorillard started a coupon programme regionally in 1963, and this has been run nationally since early '67. Currently the brands affected are l00mm Spring, Old Gold Straights and Old Gold Filters. Their "Gift Star" coupons, it is interesting to note, are also included with non-cigarette products in the dairy, cosmetic and meat fields among others.
 American Tobacco Company has coupons with their Colony and Colony Menthol brands - these also being multi-product coupons, currently in test. A smaller company, Larus and Brother, which is being acquired by Rothmans of Canada, has coupons on its Holiday, Domino and Yukon brands. Again, these coupons may be used with those from certain other products. Even one cigar company - Bayuk - is joining in the coupon craze.
 This leaves R. J. Reynolds as the one big cigarette company without a coupon brand - but even they are making use of one-time premium offers: fishing lures with Salem, cooking aprons with Winston, etc.
 What are the American coupons worth? Values vary, though none rate as highly as British coupons, valued in U. S. currency at around 2 1/4 cents each. In general they appear to be equivalent to something in the region of 3/4 cent, though some brands (including Raleigh & Belair) have bonus coupons in each carton of 200.
 Now there are signs that new coupon schemes are on their way, with Chesterfield expected to join in nationally. A programme is in test in Colorado, this being the "Chesterfield Club" offering discounts on hotels, tours and premium merchandise. A different scheme is simultaneously being tested in Iowa and Nebraska on all five Chesterfield versions, with a 3-version test in Arizona.


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