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The list of countries, where Dunhill cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (US).

Dunhill cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Australia, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Holland, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, USA.

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Camel. Cigarette Advertising Campaign. 1931

Camel. Cigarette Advertising Campaign. 1931

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Vietnam: Rothmans Plant In Vietnam Gats Going

Rothmans of Pall Mall (Singapore) has begun making Dunhill cigarettes in Vietnam and will start selling them there next month. The Singapore listed firm started production at the Thang Long Cigarette Factory in Hanoi just before the Tet Lunar New Year on February, 10. "Dunhill will be on the market next month," Rothmans managing director Graham Bell said this week. Rothmans, which shipped one cigarette-making production line to Thang Long in January, will pay the Vietnamese firm a manufacturing fee and will market the cigarettes it produces. The equipment will remain Rothmans' property. "There's always a good market for a quality product," Mr. Bell said in response to a question on how Dunhill would fare in Vietnam. But he would not say how many packs would be produced. The familiar burgundy-colored Dunhill 20s hard pack is being made in Hanoi under Rothmans' supervision. Mr. Bell said staff from Rothmans was on hand to supervise the Vietnamese workers to "ensure international quality standards". Rothmans also supplies the tobacco and other materials. According to Vietnamese officials, the country has decided to produce various premium brands such as Dunhill, 555 and Marlboro. Rothmans is a Vietnam "veteran", having been involved in the country since 1985. In that year it supplied equipment to another partner, the Ben Thann Cigarette Factory in Ho Chi Minn City. Under that deal, Rothman's Craven A brand is produced in collaboration with Ben Thanh. The brand is still in the market. According to Vietnamese sources, the cigarette-making machine installed in 1985 was valued at US$500, 000 ($790, 000). Looking back, Mr. Bell said: "In 1985, most people were advising us against going into Vietnam. But we now have nine years of invaluable experience of operating there." More recently, Rothmans supplied Ben Thanh with a primary processing machine costing US$1 million. Ben Thanh was asked to pay only US$350, 000, while Rothmans took care of the remainder. Vietnamese officials say Rothmans has provided the local tobacco Industry with equipment worth millions of dollars, including cigarette-making machines, packing machines and compressors. As part of a long-term strategy, Rothmans provided one assembly Una to the Nha Trang Cigarette factory in Nha Trang province in 1989 to produce new brands such as Lexington, Everest and Prince. In that year it also supplied the Nha Trang factory with an assembly line to produce White Norse cigarettes. One assembly line, costing about US$500, 000, can produce 20 million packs a year. Mr. Bell said: "In 1991, we did a similar deal with Haiphong Cigarette Factory to produce Virginia Gold Cigarettes." With so much experience in Vietnam, Rothmans has advice for other foreign firms seeking to enter the country. Mr. Bell said that before a foreign company started up, it had to "study the market very carefully, set very clear business objectives, and look to the long term". Vietnam was not a place to make a quick profit, he said. "Be patient as negotiations usually take a long time. Do not underestimate the Vietnamese as they are very talented. And don't compromise quality standards just because it's a developing country."


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