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The list of countries, where Dunhill cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (US).

Dunhill cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Australia, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Holland, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, USA.

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The Rembrandt Group

The history of the Rembrandt Group spans thirty two years during which time it has established itself as one of the largest tobacco companies in the world ranking fourth in the free-world behind B. A. T., Philip Morris and R. J. Reynolds. In 1948 Anton Rupert established a small cigarette factory in South Africa and, following an aggressive programme of expansion mostly through acquisition, his company and its brands are today found in most corners of the world. The 1950's saw expansion into Australia, Canada and New Zealand and also into the United Kingdom and its associated Export Markets, whilst the 1960's saw developments mostly in Europe - West Germany, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland, and also in the Far East - Malaya, Singapore and Indonesia. Attempts to establish the Company in the Americas have been less successful. In the early 1970's considerable efforts were made to get a foothold in Brazil but this was aborted in 1975 when the interests were sold to R. J. Reynolds, while in 1973 a minority interest was purchased in the Liggett Group of the United States which has since been sold. However, the long established company in Canada does make an important contribution to the Group sales and profits. A major reorganisation of the Group's tobacco interests occurred in 1972 with the formation of ROTHMANS INTERNATIONAL but following a period of poor sales performance in the early 1970's the role of this company was re-defined in 1974 and it is now principally a financial holding company. Among the principal tobacco operating companies of the Group are Martin Brinkmann in Germany, Rothmans of Pall Mall in Canada and Australia, Rembrandt in South Africa, Turmac in Holland, Tabacofina in Belgium and Carreras Rothmans in U. K.

Total Sales of Rembrandt Group
Total sales of the Rembrandt Group, including manufacture on behalf of other major groups, have grown from 111 Billions in 1969 to 177 Billions in 1979, an average annual growth rate of 4. 7%. Following five years of consistent growth the company had some poor sales in the Mid-1970's but has since reverted to an upward trend. This recovery was mainly through increased business in the U. K. (both for domestic trade and in the export markets), but also in Australasia, France and Holland. The Group's share of the free-world is currently in excess of 6%. Between 1969 and 1975 license agreements were negotiated for the manufacture of group brands in South Yemen, Finland, Italy, East Germany and Yugoslavia. More recently, in 1976, North Yemen and Ghana have been added, in 1979 Pakistan, and in the same year in the U. S. A. for "Dunhill American" for export. A rationalization programme saw the disposal of one of the Belgian Subsidiaries in 1970 and the Brazilian holding in 1975, while in 1974 their U. S. subsidiaries ceased manufacture. The Mauritian acquisition of 1973 has now also (1980) ceased operations. Through their German Subsidiary, 1970 saw the intensification of a long standing co-operation with a local company in the Canary Islands which gave an entry into the Spanish market. A year later their interests, again through Brinkmann, were extended into the Luxembourg Market. In co-operation with BAT joint companies were set up in Zambia in 1970, Fiji and Malta in 1972, and Jamaica in 1977.

Regional Sales of Rembrandt Group
Western Europe currently accounts for nearly half of the Rembrandt Group's total sales, followed by Africa with 15% and Australia, Middle East and North America each with approximately 10% of the Group's business. Since the mid 1970's Sales in the Middle East have been growing at nearly 20% p. a., whilst annual growth rates in other regions are more modest at 6% in Australasia, 3% in W. Europe, 2% in Africa and 1% in Asia. Sales in North America are currently declining by about 2% p. a. In terms of Market share the company has nearly 43% of the Australasian region; 17. 5% of Africa (mostly South Africa); 13% of Europe and 11% of the Middle East. In the rest of the free world combined the Group has a share of less than 2%. These Domestic markets account for over 60% of Rembrandt world sales. The companies operating in Benelux (Tabacofina, Turmac and van Landewyck) enjoy leading market shares in both Belgium/ Luxembourg and Holland. In West Germany, Brinkmann has lost ground to Philip Morris and Reynolds but retains third position behind the Reemtsma and B. A. T. Groups. The Rembrandt group of companies has long dominated the South African market and continue to increase, their market share at the expense of B. A. T. The changed taxation structure in the United Kingdom has benefited Carreras Rothmans sales but they remain in third place behind Imperial and Gallaher. Rothmans of Canada have lost some ground in the movement towards lower delivery cigarettes but remain second to Imperial. The swing towards 25s packs in Australia has enabled Rothmans to overtake both Philip Morris and Wills to become market leader.
Top Brands of Rembrandt Group
ROTHMANS KING SIZE International brand English Virginia blend KSF Main packing 20 H/L 3 row Main markets UK/Canada Sales in 1979, 33 billions 18. 5% of Group business
LORD EXTRA German blend KSF, perceived mild Main packing 20 H/L 3 row Majority of sales confined to Europe Main market West Germany Sales in 1979, 15 billions 8. 5% of Group business
PETER STUYVESAWT International brand Modified Virginia blend King end Cong size filter Main packing 20 s. c. 3 row Main market France Sales in 1979, 12 billions 7% of Group business
DUNHILL International brand English Virginia bland King and regular size filter Main packing 20 HA 3 row Main market U. K. Sales in 1979, 10 billions 5. 5% of Group business
CRAVEN A International brand English Virginia blend KS, LS and RS filter Main packing 20 HA 3 row Main market Canada Sales in 1979, 8 billions 5% of Group business
WINFIELD English Virginia blend King and long size filter Main picking, 25 HA 3 row Over 99% of sales are within Australasia Main market Australia Sales in 1979, 7 billions 4% of Group business

The main geographical, market, and brand features of the Rembrandt Group are outlined above. Other noticeable aspects of their business are as follows: Main Countries of Manufacture: U. K. 22%, Benelux 18$%, West Germany 17$%, South Africa 10. 5%, Canada 9%, and Australia 7%. These six countries combined account for nearly 85% of the Groups total manufacture. Exports and Licenses: Exports amount to 39. 5 Billions with 50% going from U. K. and Eire but with German and Dutch exports expanding rapidly. License agreements account for nearly 2 Billions sales with Yugoslavia and East Germany manufacture of 'Lord Extra' being the most significant. Duty Free Sales: These are 4 Billions, 2% of Group Business. English Type Blends: Including Light Air Cured account for 76% of Group Total. German and US type account for 20%. Packing: Hinge Lid pack sales of 110 Billions are some 62% of sales. Soft cup sales of 39 Billions, 22%. Menthol: Sales of 7. 5 Billions account for over 4% of Group Sales. The leader in the menthol segment is the 'Craven' House followed by 'St. Moritz' and 'Consulate'. Tar Levels: These are reported for 75% of Rembrandt Group Sales and of this 55% of sales fall within the 1-16 mg. per cigarette rating. Brands recording less than 10 mg tar include 'Peter Stuyvesant Extra Mild' in Belgium, Holland, France and Switzerland; 'Craven A' and 'Craven A Special Mild' in Canada; and 'Consulate Menthol' in U. K. International Brands: These sales, which exclude the U. K. Domestic Market, amount to 78 Billions. The leading "House" is 'Rothmans' with sales of all versions of 32 Billions. This is followed by 'Peter Stuyvesant' (16 Bns), 'Dunhill' (11 Bns), 'Craven' (11 Bns) and 'Pall Mall' (5 Bns). With their heavy reliance on the static European Market and also on English Type Blend cigarettes, which are growing at a slower rate than U. S. Type Blends, the Rembrandt Group are expected to grow at approximately 2. 5% p. a. in the next few years. This growth rate is similar to the free-world as a whole and consequently the Group is expected to retain its free world market share of 6% in the foreseable future.


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