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Kool Cigarettes

Kool Cigarettes Filter Kings

19 pieces with Filter in Flip ...

Kool Cigarettes Filters

20 pieces with Filter in Flip ...

Kool Cigarettes King Size

Producer Imperial Tobacco Cana ...

Kool Cigarettes Milds

20 pieces with Filter in Flip ...

Kool Cigarettes Super Longs 100s Menthol


Kool Cigarettes Ultra

20 pieces with Filter in Soft ...

Kool Cigarettes Ultra 100s

20 pieces with Filter in Soft ...

Kool Cigarettes Lights Menthol


Kool Cigarettes Filter Kings Menthol

Kool Cigarettes Filter Kings Mild Menthol


Kool Cigarettes Milds Menthol


Kool Cigarettes Milds Mild Menthol


Kool Cigarettes Milds Mild Menthol 100s


Kool Cigarettes Super Lights Menthol

Belgium & USA

Kool Cigarettes Super Lights


Kool Cigarettes Ultra Lights Menthol

Belgium & USA

Kool Cigarettes Frost Canadian Menthol


Kool Cigarettes Canadian Menthol

Kool Cigarettes Gold

Belgium & France

Kool Cigarettes Silver

Belgium & France

Kool Cigarettes Filters Menthol

Kool Cigarettes Lights Menthol 100s

Kool Cigarettes Milds Menthol 100s

Kool Cigarettes International Mild Menthol

Kool Cigarettes Non-Filter Menthol

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The list of countries, where Kool cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, United Kingdom or UK, United States of America or USA or U.S.
Kool cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Belgium, Canada, France, Japan, USA.

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Kool Cigarettes. Advertising in 1976

Kool Cigarettes. Advertising in 1976

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Kool And The U. S. Menthol Market

 The January, 1970, Brown & Williamson monthly survey of tobacco distributors' sales indicated that KOOL cigarettes had passed R, J. Reynolds' SALEM and become the best selling menthol brand and the fourth largest selling cigarette in the United States.
 Considering that the brand has been on the market for 37 years, and that for the first 31 years of its existence KOOL never exceeded a 3. 3% share of market; this can be considered an unusual marketing feat. In fact, today KOOL is the only brand among the top ten selling cigarettes that has been on the market for more than 35 years and still growing.
 A number of factors have contributed to KOOL's sales success, but major changes in packaging and advertising in the early 1960's can be considered to be the basic catalysts. The KOOL package was revised and refined. All reference to "Willie the Penguin", a symbol of the past, was eliminated from both packaging and advertising. The advertising was changed from a campaign which can be described as weak imagery advertising to a campaign which has continued as the basic advertising vehicle for the brand to date.
 Advertising for KOOL projects the brand as the cigarette with the unique 'taste of extra coolness' and the copy slogan is, "Come all the way up to KOOL'. Since the advent of this campaign, menthol has not been mentioned in KOOL advertising. KOOL's advertising strategy is to promote the brand as the solution to problems commonly found by smokers in other cigarettes. That is, cigarettes that taste too hot, dry, rough, etc.
 In KOOL's basic print treatment (a translation of its television advertising), a common cigarette problem is stated and KOOL cigarettes, in a cool scene, are shown as the answer to that problem. In addition, a portion of KOOL's advertising programme is designed to appeal to groups who may not be reached by the basic treatment (e. g. different age groups). This advertising uses a variety of styles and serves not only to reach these different groups of smokers but also to give increased longevity to the basic campaign.
 Interestingly, KOOL attracts more non-menthol smokers than it does smokers from the regular menthol segment. The majority of its smokers come from the 85mm filter non-menthol segment and from the plain-end segment. This has given the brand a much larger "pool" from which to build its franchise. Another interesting facet of KOOL's personality is that it is a cigarette for men, unlike most other menthol brands which have a feminine skew. This, again, is an advantage since more men smoke and men are heavier smokers.
 With the exception of KOOL, advertising for the major menthol brands has generally followed the same approach. Cool refreshing scenes from shady glens or from the ocean, with people enjoying a cigarette, have been the basic approach for years. Very little variation from this concept has occurred except in NEWPORT's advertising. Numerous approaches have been tried for this brand in an attempt to halt its declining sales trend. Recently, however, NEWPORT has gone back to the ocean with a campaign that gives the brand masculine overtones.
 Advertising for SALEM has remained basically unchanged since its introduction by Reynolds in 1956. In an attempt to revitalize its sales trend, a new copy slogan... "You can take Salem out of the country, but... you can't take the country out of Salem," was introduced during 1969. A catchy jingle was used to reinforce the copy line on both television and radio.


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