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Kool Cigarettes

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20 pieces with Filter in Flip Top Box with Cellophane Tar 14, Nicotine 1.1 USA

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The list of countries, where Kool cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, United Kingdom or UK, United States of America or USA or U.S.
Kool cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Belgium, Canada, France, Japan, USA.

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Kool  Cigarettes. Advertising in 1937

Kool  Cigarettes. Advertising in 1937

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The success of Kool in the Philippines

 "With a population of approximately 38 millions and a total monthly cigarette consumption in excess of three billions, of which mentholated U. S, Type brands now retain a share of over 60%, it is hardly surprising that KOOL, manufactured under license in both King and Regular sizes, has been represented in the Philippines for several years past.
 Until March 1970 over half of the total market was confined within two significant price categories. These were the Peso 1.00 x 20s, which accounted for approximately 750 millions monthly and in which KOOL Kings were represented, and the Peso 0.50 x 20s which retained about 900 millions monthly and in which KOOL Regular featured.
 Prior to March 1970, and in their respective price categories, which in terms of menthol share amounted to a total of about 750 millions monthly, KOOL enjoyed a combined volume of approximately 100 millions monthly with demand showing signs of a gradual increase. The principal directly competitive brand at this time was NEWPORT, also manufactured under license and available in both King and Regular sizes, sales of which were substantially in excess of 200 millions monthly.
 This situation altered dramatically in February 1970 when, besieged with economic problems, the Philippines Government decided to allow the value of the peso to 'float' against the dollar, the rate of exchange having previously been pegged at US$1.00 to P3.93. In effect this move amounted to a drastic devaluation of the peso and within a matter of days the rate of exchange was being quoted at well over P6.00 to the dollar.
 The majority of the licensed manufacturers with representation in the P1.00 category promptly increased the retail price of their brands by 20 centavos a packet in order to offset the effects of the peso devaluation, while at the same time the price of NEWPORT Regular, formerly 50 centavos x 20s, was increased to 60 centavos.
 In the light of these developments and in anticipation of a substantial increase in volume our own licensees indicated that they would be willing to hold the prices of KOOL at the pre-devaluation levels, i. e. P1.00 and P0.50, and their recommendation was accepted. In almost direct proportion to KOOL's increase in volume that of NEWPORT, at the new and higher price levels, fell and within three months sales of the latter brand had declined by nearly 100 millions a month. The NEWPORT sales collapse was in fact regarded with sufficient concern by the manufacturers that by mid-1970 they decided to revert to the original price structure. This had the result of arresting the decline and partially recovering some of the volume lost earlier, although sales have never returned to their previous levels and on balance it is considered that KOOL benefited to the extent of between 40/50 millions monthly.
 Apart from NEWPORT numerous other brands also contributed to the increased KOOL volume, particularly those within the new P1.20 category and most conspicuously plain U. S. Types - the price increase seemingly having accelerated the decline of brands of this type.
 By its strategy KOOL has become established as one of the most significant brands in the Philippines and, although demand for all brands of this type is gradually being eroded by a trend towards non-mentholated filter products, it would seem probable that volume will remain substantial for some time to come.


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