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Kool Cigarettes

Kool Cigarettes Milds

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The list of countries, where Kool cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, United Kingdom or UK, United States of America or USA or U.S.
Kool cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Belgium, Canada, France, Japan, USA.

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Kool  Cigarettes. Advertising in 1950s

Kool  Cigarettes. Advertising in 1950s

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The Kool Jazz Festivals

Central to B&W's product publicity programme for Kool is the sponsorship of "Kool Jazz Festivals". This entails sponsoring a number of leading black Jazz artists who perform at concerts together at major cities throughout the United States. The Kool sponsorship is prominently featured in the P. R. releases, in the advertising at the Festivals, and in connection with various charitable donations to recognized black organizations. The sponsorship under the Kool name began in 1975, and research has shown that the programme has been very effective in building a high awareness of Kool's sponsorship, and also in developing extremely favorable attitudes towards Kool in the black community. Seven of the Festivals were held during 1975, at which the musicians played to capacity crowds, of whom 90% were black. The atmosphere at the Festivals has been described by B&W as "one of a high-class social event". The 1976 programme has been expanded to include eleven cities, and the aim is to double the total audience. Increased advertising at the Festivals, more extensive pre-Festival publicity, and wider use of charitable donations should help achieve even better results in meeting the objective of promoting Kool to this important target segment in a unique and positive way. In addition to the linked Sweepstakes, with prizes of tickets to the Festivals, a self-liquidator offer of a special Kool Jazz Festival Record Album is to be made, and publicized through media advertising and point-of-sale. The case weakened by events Subsequent events have conspired to make the appeal of John Player King Size less potent than when it was first launched. Initially the brand was introduced at 42. 5p for twenty, as against 47p for twenty Benson & Hedges Special Filter or Rothmans King Size, the leading King Size brands. A price differential of 4.5p on a pack was an attractive incentive for current King Size smokers. But Budget price increases have since come into effect, and the price situation is no longer so clear-cut. The Companies of the Imperial Group were first to announce their new prices (quite usual in Britain, the other Companies normally falling into line). The retail price of John Player King Size was increased to 46p for twenty, and that of Category B cigarettes in the mass sector led by Embassy R. S. to 45p. There is a possibility that John Player King Size could gain ground among Regular Size smokers who would rather have a King Size cigarette for their 46p than smaller cigarettes with coupons at lp less. However, it was not to cut into the sales of the Regular Size sector (dominated by Imperial Group brands) that John Player King Size was marketed. Its primary purpose was clearly to win a substantial share in the U. K. King Size market, a task in which Imperial have to date met with little success. The King Size sector is currently dominated by Benson & Hedges Special Filter and Rothmans King Size, and it was at their expense that John Player King Size aimed to gain sales. Both Gallaher and Rothmans delayed the announcement of their post-Budget retail prices. Then, on May 10th, whole-page advertisements in the national newspapers announced that the price of Benson & Hedges Special Filter was to be held at the old price of 47p. On May 12th Rothmans issued their prices, which included holding Rothmans King Size too at the old 47p price. The result is to reduce the price differential between the new John Player brand and the sector leaders to an almost insignificant lp. Both Gallahers and Rothmans have obviously chosen to accept substantial reductions in contributions in preference to risking further losses in a situation where a number of economic pressures have already eroded their volume.


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