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The list of countries, where Kool cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, United Kingdom or UK, United States of America or USA or U.S.
Kool cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Belgium, Canada, France, Japan, USA.

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Kool  Cigarettes. Advertising in 1936

Kool  Cigarettes. Advertising in 1936

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Regimental drum ice-buckets as a self-liquidator

A promotion originated by Merchandising Department and currently running in the NAAFI market (NAAFI is the organisation which supplies British military personnel in Germany and elsewhere with goods including Duty Free cigarettes) offers Benson & Hedges consumers the opportunity to acquire a handsome ice bucket in the form of a replica regimental drum at a price about half that applying in high class U. K. stores. The offer price is £3. 50, together with proof of purchase of 200 Benson & Hedges cigarettes (the same item sells at over £7 in a famous Knights- bridge department store). The customer can choose from a large list of regiments and services, from the RAF and Navy to the Guards regiments, infantry units and special units like the Parachute Regiment. Of more unusual designs to choose are those of the U. S. Marine Corps and a replica of the drum of the 1st Foot Guards (now the Grenadiers) at the battle of Waterloo, the latter intended for those people not directly connected with one of the units listed. The item is a "natural" for the NAAFI market, with servicemen keen to own a miniature drum of their own units. In fact, early redemptions show that drum ice-buckets are being acquired by army messes for use in their bars. The finish of the buckets is of a high order, with great detail in the crests and battle honors, and with white cords around them. Brown & Williamson launched Kool MILDS in July this year, and we now publish some comments received from their Director of Marketing, Charles McCarty, on the brand and its competitors: "Over the past several years, Brown St Williamson has taken note of a growing consumer interest in lowered tar cigarettes. In the last year, four lowered tar versions of existing brands have been introduced in the U. S. Kool Milds and Marlboro Lights are in full national distribution and Pall Mall Extra Milds and Lucky 10's are in the test market stage. While it is premature to draw the conclusion that a new "Mild-Light" segment in the U. S. cigarette market has emerged, if these brands demonstrate some degree of success, it would be logical to assume that others could follow. In addition, the city of New York has embarked on a new form of cigarette taxation based on each product's tar and nicotine content, leveling increased taxes on those brands that exceed 17 mgs. of tar and/or 1.1 mgs nicotine. As a result, the lowered tar/nicotine brands retail for 3-4 c less than other brands. It is conceivable that this form of taxation will spread to other areas of the U. S. Kool Milds, B&W's lowered tar version (14 mgs. tar, 1. 0 mgs. nicotine) of America's most popular menthol, is being marketed in the 84 mm king size style and was introduced on July 25. The strategy for the brand is to position it as having Kool's unique "taste of extra coolness", but is designed for smokers who prefer a low tar cigarette. The package and introductory advertising have been planned to complement the current package and advertising of the parent brand. The basic package for all styles of Kool is white. The brand name on the Kool Milds package is expressed in green letters against a white background that is enclosed in the familar Kool rectangle. This is just opposite to the full taste styles that have white letters on green. Introductory advertising utilizes photographs of cool, refreshing scenes and incorporates a rainbow as Kool Milds' visual symbol of mildness, along with the copy line, "Enjoy a cooler kind of mild." To introduce the brand, 4-color pages in general interest magazines, women's magazines and newspaper Sunday Supplements have been used as well as out- door billboards and point-of-purchase materials. While it is still too early to evaluate the ultimate success of Kool Milds, early indications have been very encouraging. Consumer reaction to the publication of TPM/nicotine tables is a bit difficult to discuss since the tables, as such, are seldom, if ever, and published in mass consumer media. The information is on the public record, but evidently the publications themselves do not feel there is enough interest to devote space to the tables. Tar/nicotine figures for a particular brand are a required part of each advertisement for that brand, but comparison of the figures between brands is left up to the consumer. "


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