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The list of countries, where Kool cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, United Kingdom or UK, United States of America or USA or U.S.
Kool cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Belgium, Canada, France, Japan, USA.

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Kool  Cigarettes. Advertising in 1988

Kool  Cigarettes. Advertising in 1988

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The Swimobile and Brown & Williamson's quarterly promotions

Every year each of Brown & Williamson's four major brands - Kool, Viceroy, Raleigh and BELAIR - has a major promotion. In order to avoid clashing, and to give each one the best opportunity of making maximum impact, each of the brands is allocated a 3-month period during which time the brand concerned receives priority support from Brown & Williamson's Field Sales Force which numbers over a thousand men. Each quarter this force handles the placement of hundreds of thousands of items of display material for the appropriate brand - shelf-talkers, aisle spanners, posters, riser-cards and floor displays - in tens of thousands of retail outlets around the United States. This system of giving each brand massive p-o-s support, coupled with heavy media exposure in magazines and newspaper supplements, is seen by Brown & Williamson as "an extremely effective way of generating additional sales; perhaps the most effective means yet devised". The promotional effort for a brand may be built around a specific theme, often the imaginative use of a self-liquidating promotion. Past issues of "Marketing News" have described some of these: the Kool sailboat and garden gazebo, and the Viceroy racing jacket and watch. Self liquidators are items offered to consumers at prices appreciably lower than they would normally expect to pay for the same item in a shop. With their payment, of course, they must produce some proof-of-purchase of the product in question. Experience with earlier Kool self-liquidating promotions has led Brown & Williamson marketing men to the opinion that, to be successful, an item selected for offering as a self-liquidator must in general be  unique (or at least unusual) - little advertised - in keeping with the brand's creative advertising approach In the case of Kool, (where the approach in advertising is cool, predominately green in colour, with refreshing outdoor scenes accompanied by the copy line "Come all the way up to Kool") self-liquidators have fitted the requirements exceptionally well. The first was the 11-foot polystyrene sailboat with its green and white striped sail. The second was the portable garden "Koolhouse". The 1975 Kool promotion, which ran during the first quarter of the year, was built around the "Swimobile". This is a novel device, a petrol-engined "water-sled" or miniature boat which can tow a fully grown man through the water at speeds up to 7 miles an hour. "It's extremely maneuverable and safer than one might expect", say B&W, since thrust is generated by twin water jets, not propellers". The Swimobile is valued at $365, but is offered to Kool smokers for just $299.95 plus ten labels from any of the Kool variants. The success of such promotions is not measured by the number of self-liquidators bought by consumers, but by their effect in selling more cigarettes. Brown & Williamson report that, by this criterion, the Swimobile was very effective. Magazine testing showed that the advertisement was "the most persuasive ever for Kool, as well as being the 'best remembered' by the respondents". In-store testing showed a 17% increase in sales during the 2-week test period in which the 60-carton floor displays were featured. Brown & Williamson state that 70% of the costs of these 60-carton units is "recaptured" by the extra business generated in the 2-week period. Further, they calculate that if only half of this extra business is from new consumers and if only 6% of these are converted to the brand, then the total cost of the displays is paid off within a year. "Since the average Kool smoker stays with the brand far longer than one year," report B&W, "it means additional sales and profits for the company". Using printed tear tape to carry a message. There is nothing new about printing a message on tear tape. The idea has been used, though not frequently, for many years. It is the recent reappearance of its use - in Britain and in Canada - which has prompted us to bring up the subject. In Canada it has been used to carry "Duty Paid" wording, replacing the more obtrusive fiscal stickers. In Britain the repeated words "King Size" are on the tape, to draw attention to the larger size of an Embassy variant (the biggest-selling Embassy brands are regular size or smaller). We understand that tapes up to 6mm in width can be used without creating packing-machine problems, and that it is possible for such messages to be printed on viscose and polypropylene material. The idea may be useful in cases where there is a wish to draw the smoker's attention to some message, or where there may be a wish for some wording not to be permanent. Some applications come readily to mind - reference to current promotions, short-term brand messages, special offers, and commemorative occasions. On the examples we illustrate, that for Embassy Extra Mild has white lettering on a gold band, while that for Peter Jackson uses slim gold lettering on a clear tape.


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