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Kool Cigarettes

Kool Cigarettes International Mild Menthol

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The list of countries, where Kool cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, United Kingdom or UK, United States of America or USA or U.S.
Kool cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Belgium, Canada, France, Japan, USA.

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Kool  Cigarettes. Advertising in 1988

Kool  Cigarettes. Advertising in 1988

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Brown & Williamson & the U. S. «Milds» market

P. Lorillard's Kent, Philip Morris' Parliament, and American's Silva Thins are representative of the second group. The levels of tar in these brands are comparable to full-taste brands. Because of the brands' images in the minds of consumers, they are believed to be "low-tar". This is the result of promotion of a unique marketing proposition (i. e., "Micronite Filter" or "Recessed Filter") or, from an historical standpoint, they were lower in tar than most competition at the time they gained prominence and this image has carried forward. Growing interest in these first two sub-groups has fostered the emergence of the third group. This group is best described as "mid-fi" or "lowered tar" because the brands included have amounts of tar which are at a reduced level from full-taste brands but are somewhat higher than the lowest group. Generally, they fall into a range of from 13 to 15 mgs. per cigarette. Individual entries in this group have come about in two ways: totally new brands such as Doral and extensions of existing brands such as Marlboro Lights, Kool Milds, Raleigh Extra Milds, and Viceroy Extra Milds. As stated above, unit sales for the entire segment have grown. Since 1963, the sales have increased from 47 billion units to 86 billion units, an increase of 83%. Share of market has increased by 60% (9. 3% to 14. 9%). In contrast total industry sales have increased 14% over the same period. Growth in sales has come principally from two sources: introduction of totally new brands and introduction of "mild" or "light" versions of existing brands. There were four separate low-tar brands in six styles on the market in 1963. At the end of 1973, 17 brands in 28 styles were in national distribution, and several others in test market. It is interesting to note that all four of the original brands - Kent, Parliament, B&W's Life and Liggett & Myers Lark - have experienced a decline in sales and share of market in the last 10 years, leaving growth of the segment to the newer entrants. Not all of the new brands are sustaining an upward growth pattern. Of the totally new brands, Vantage is showing the best performance and is trending upward in unit sales and share of market. Many of the others have peaked and are now static or declining. The other area where the segment is growing is the "lowered tar" sub-group the one to which B&W is heavily committed through the introduction of "mild" or "light" versions of existing brands. As of this writing, Kool Milds has been in distribution for over 18 months, Raleigh Extra Milds was introduced nationally in January, 1974, and Viceroy Extra Milds will be launched nationally in April of this year. In addition to the B&W brands, Marlboro Lights and Lucky Ten went into national distribution in 1971 and Pall Mall Extra Milds in late 1972. To date, Kool Milds has achieved better than a 0. 5% share of the total market (2. 9 billion units). Marlboro Lights' sales are at this level also and both are growing. It is still too early to measure Raleigh Extra Milds, although it performed well in test market as did Viceroy Extra Milds. Lucky Ten, introduced in the king-size style, was changed to Lucky 100's and increased in size to 100 millimeters in February, 1974. Both versions carried tar content on the package face - 10 mg or less per cigarette. The earlier version has not done well and it is too early to predict the success of the revised product. Pall Mall Extra Milds seems to be a failure.


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