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Elegance and Style Typify Nat Sherman Co.

Mention specialty cigars and cigarettes around the world, and the name Nat Sherman quickly comes to mind. Inherent of the pace-setting mystic of New York's Fifth Avenue, where Nat Sherman is headquartered, this unique company manufacturers stylish cigarettes for those people whose flair and fashion extend to what they smoke. The cigarettes are frequently linked with various celebrities, which has served as excellent promotion. Another factor that has proliferated the Nat Sherman name is the year-round thermostat and climate controlled walk-in humidors, where cigars and tobaccos are aged and stored. Tobacconists since 1930, Nat Sherman Co. has distributors throughout the free world, and a mail order operation that links the smoking globe with New York.


Both a retailer and manufacturer, Nat Sherman began his business as a small shop in a big department store, before moving to 38th & Broadway, where he ran the business for 48 years. He moved to this posh 55th & 5th Ave location 3 ?‚?? years ago. Although it is expensive - "a year's rent - $210.000", the New York location, a hot spot for international businesses and visitors, offers an optimum place for exposure. The atmosphere is conducive and essential to the style Sherman's business thrives upon.

Nat Sherman Co. of today, a 100 employee operation, is a far cry from the small shop its founder and namesake began 51 years ago. Headquartered at the showroom are the famous Johnson Humidors, and a mail order operation where sales from all over the globe are transacted. In addition, there are Nat Sherman distributors throughout the country and free world. California, interestingly, is the biggest market in the US. Outside the country, the largest markets are Canada, England and West Germany. It is unlikely that Sherman is causing the six giants of the cigarette industry, accountable for 99 percent of cigarette sales, to worry. However, there is no questioning that his business is one of the most unique and unusual. He can proudly say, "We're the only type of operation in existence. There's no one like us around". This is true.

In his early tobacconist days. Sherman specialized in Cuban Cigars, with cigarettes being an incidental factor. Shortly after Fidel Castro came info power, the Cuban factory that supplied most of Sherman's cigars was taken over by the government. Infiltration of Cuban cigars in the U.S. has been banned in the country since 1961, following a trade embargo imposed after the Castro takeover. Sherman still has some Cuban cigars left in his Humidor, truly collector's items. He describes the embargo as a "blessing in disguise", for his energies concentrated on the cigarette business. Sherman began selling novelty cigarettes in the 1940s, but it is only in the last decade and a half, since the Cuban crisis, that they have become his major product.

Sherman created his first brown paper "cigarette" of pure tobacco after a friend was ordered to extinguish his cigar on an airplane. Eventually the item went on sale in his shop. Later, a fashion designer advised Sherman to create a cigarette with a flair, which he did. Today Sherman sells a wide assortment of specialty cigarettes, ranging from the non-filtered CIGARETTELLO, the most popular cigarette for over 25 years; to the 6 ?‚?? inch FANTASIA, a filter smoke wrapped in a bouquet of colours. Nat Sherman Co. manufactures stylish cigarettes for those people who want their individual flair to extend to what they smoke. Sherman's designer cigarettes quickly became vogue among the trendy, fashion-conscious garment district in New York. Since their creation, the specialty cigarettes have been linked with top celebrities and trend setters, a fact that has proved to be one of the best advertisements (and it's free, too!) Sherman could ask for. The CIGARETTELLO, a non-filtered brown or white wrapper smoke, was thrust in the lime-light by Telly (Kojak) Savalas. In the popular detective show, "Kojak" and a paperback series of the same name, there are frequent references to the CIGARETTELLO. The advantage of having stars such as Mia Farrow, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Henny Youngman as avid customers is that the product receives constant attention: in front of audiences; on tours; during filming; on television; in the US. and abroad. This free advertising and promotion has been so successful, that Sherman need not advertise his line in the traditional sense. Additionally, Sherman passes out cigarettes wherever he goes, and they are circulated at parties, gatherings, and meetings, ultimately bringing in business. Another unique aspect of the cigarettes, is that they are pure and natural: never are any flavourings, salt-peter (a potassium nitrate or sodium nitrate substance, known for its burning qualities), molasses or any other additives used. Most commercial cigarettes contain salt-peter to make them bum evenly and molasses to make the tobacco adhere together. However, Sherman feels this is unnecessary. The tobacco stays fresh by its own means, and the fact there is no salt-peter makes it possible to relight the cigarettes. The tobaccos used, according to Sherman, are selected from the top 10 percent of that presented to the company. Depending on the brand, the tobacco ranges from domestic Virginia, to imported Turkish. The tar and nicotine levels are not measured, because Sherman feels his customers are not interested in this.

The cigarette venture has proven so successful that the company now operates its own packaging and manufacturing plant in a separate location in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

In addition, Nat Sherman Co. retails high quality cigars, tobacco requisites and services. Ramon Cifuentes, a consultant with General Cigar, is Sherman's biggest supplier of cigars. Along with selling his own specialized brands, Sherman acts as a distributor for several quality imported and domestic cigars For cigar smokers who want an extra "twist" there are AMIGOS 909 and AMIGOS QUEEN SIZE that offer an extra mild smoke. Custom-made, these filter-tipped, 6 ?‚?? inch and 4 inch slim cigars are available in red, brown, white and gold tips.

Nat Sherman cigars and tobaccos are kept in thermostat and climate-controlled Spanish cedar walk-in humidors and a special walk-in freezer humidor, commonly referred to as the "cold room", where the cigars are aged. The humidor is kept at a constant year-round temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit (12.8 degrees Celsius) and 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22.2 degrees Celsius) relative humidity. An impressive sight, the glass and cedar enclosed humidors are lined from carpeted floor to white stucco ceiling with cigars and tobacco urns. The humidors are designed to provide a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere for friends and customers while making their selection. Through a plan called, "Cigar Contact Customer", a smoker's cigar choices can be stored in built-in individual cedar cabinets, identified with his name, which are then available for him at his pleasure. Under such conditions, the cigars are properly "seasoned to perfection".

This is just one example of the underlying theme of Nat Sherman Co.: friendly, personalized attention. Walking through the doors from bustling 5th Ave, one is greeted by a small, cosy but elegant showroom, filled with friendly sales people. This attitude carries over to service.

For those who enjoy an individualized smoke, orders of cigarettes or cigars (wrappers) can be imprinted with a name or slogan. Cost varies from $3.00 to $10 00, depending on choice and quantity.

For those who wish to have a certain allotment of their favourite smoke, be it cigars, cigarettes or tobacco, shipped to them each month, there is a "diary system" subscription service offered. There is no extra fee for this. This is particularly advantageous for international smokers who are not within a convenient distance to a Sherman retailer A significant percentage of the company's business goes through the mail order operation.


R???©sum???©: El???©gance et style sont les caract???©ristiques de Nat Sherman & Co

Des sp???©cialit???©s de cigares et de cigarettes sont depuis longtemps li????es au nom de Nat Sherman. C'est depuis 1930 que Nat Sherman & Co est dans le commerce du tabac et fournit le march???© du tabac du monde entier en cigares de haute qualit???©. De spacieuses chambres climatis???©es, c'est-??? -dire des humidificateurs aux dimensions ???©normes o???? sont admis les clients permettent la conservation et l'am???©lioration de la qualit???© des cigares. Le programme de vente s'???©tend ???  toute une s???©rie d'articles pour fumeurs. Nat Sherman & Co poss????de un r???©seau de distribution ???  travers le monde ainsi qu'un magasin de vente par correspondance dont le centre est ???  New York.


Zusammenfassung: Eleganz und Stil charakterisieren Nat Sherman & Co

Zigarren- und Zigarettenspezialit???¤ten sind seit langem mit dem Namen Nat Sherman verbunden. Nat Sherman & Co. handelt seit 1930 mit Tabak und beliefert den Tabakmarkt weltweit mit hochqualitativen Zigarren und modischen und naturreinen Zigaretten. Gro????e, klimatisierte Kammern, d.h. ????berdimensionierte Humidore, in die Kunden gef????hrt werden k???¶nnen, dienen der Aufrechterhaltung und Verbesserung der Qualit???¤t der Zigarren. Das Verkaufsprogramm wird durch eine Reihe von Raucherbedarfsartikeln abgerundet. Nat Sherman & Co. besitzt ein weltweites Verteilernetz sowie ein Versandhaus mit Zentrum New York.


Resumen: Elegancia y estilo - caracter???­sticas de Nat Sherman & Co

Especialidades de puros y cigarrillos desde hace mucho se ven asociadas con el nombre Nat Sherman. Desde 1930 Nat Sherman & Co se ha dedicado al comercio de tabaco y suministra mundialmente al mercado de tabaco puros de alta calidad y cigarrillos naturales y a la moda. C????maras grandes y climatizadas, es decir humidores de grandes dimensiones, a las que se puede llevar a los clientes, sirven para la mantenci????n y mejora de la calidad de los puros. El programa de venta est???? completado por una serie de art???­culos de consumo del fumador. Nat Sherman & Co. tiene una red internacional de distribuci????n asi como una casa de ventas por correspondencia con su centro en Nueva York.


Riassunto: Eleganza e stile caratterizzano la Nat Sherman & Co

Specialit???  di sigari e sigarette sono gi???  da lungo tempo congiunte al nome di Nat Sherman. Gi???  dal 1930 la ditta Nat Sherman & Co. esercita il commercio del tabacco e rifornisce il mercato mondiale del tabacco con sigari di alta qualit???  e sigarette genuine, rispondenti al gusto della moda. Delle grandi camere ad aria condizionata, vale a dire degli umidificatori sovradimensionati, accessibili ai clienti, mantengono e migliorano la qualit???  dei sigari. Il programma di vendita ???? completato con una vasta serie di articoli per fumatori.

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