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Business Club Cigarettes

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Business Club Cigarettes Gold

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Business Club Cigarettes Menthol

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The list of countries, where Business Club cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): France, Russia, Ukraine, UK.

Business Club cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: England or UK, France, Russia.

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More advertising for some UK brands during power crisis

"Campaign" magazine announces that the major U. K. tobacco manufacturers "are to continue with their scheduled advertising despite production difficulties. In fact, it is announced. Wills are planning to step up their advertising. A spokesman is reported as saying that Embassy Extra Mild is one brand whose advertising will be intensified. Gallahers Silk Cut range is also receiving an advertising boost. Benson & Hedges Luxury Blend was introduced in its first markets - Singapore, Hong Kong and Sierra Leone - in the December/January period. This 95mm brand has been planned and created to establish a top quality, high prestige Benson & Hedges entry in the extra-length, premium price sector: to contribute to the development of the Benson & Hedges corporate identity as the world's leading Virginia house: and to compete directly with Dunhill International. Luxury Blend will be positioned as the most prestigious of the Benson & Hedges brands. It will have an identity of its own, and will not be projected as a mere extension of Special Filter, though the common parentage will of course be apparent. The new brand is aimed (with a bias towards males) at status-conscious and affluent smokers whose current brands are likely to be prestige king size and superlength Virginia filters such as Dunhill, Rothmans and B&H Special Filter. It is being priced on a par with Dunhill International. The product itself is a 95 x 24.75 x 20mm cigarette with a single cellulose acetate filter plug. The cigarette paper carries a lined filligrain pattern, and there is a gold band with a thin line of red around the cork tipping. We reported the design changes effected by Gallaher in Britain on their Kensitas range, and mentioned that the King Size version carried hot foil embossed gold lettering. Now Gallaher have introduced the process as part of a design change to their Silk Cut King Size brand, where the panel color has been changed from cerise to purple, the weave texture has now been dropped, and gold embossed lettering replaces the previously white brand name. This swing to the use of the hot foil process, which gives a brilliant shiny metallic effect, much richer than can be obtained by more usual print methods, results from advances made in the machinery. A few words about the process may be helpful here. The die carrying the design is heated, and applied via a layer of foil material to the sheet. The process has been slow compared with normal printing speeds, and there has frequently been considerable wastage on the reels of foil material which is costly. Time and cost between them have tended to limit the use of the process in cigarette packaging to lower-volume, up-market brands. Within the Group the process has been used in Australia for their superlength Benson & Hedges, in Argentina for Windsor and in Finland for Gold Dollar. It has also been used by our associates in Germany, and we are indebted to them for letting us have the Kings Superior labels which we insert to demonstrate the high-quality effect which can be obtained (in this case on the crest). Now the advent of new machines has had the effect of considerably speeding up the operation. The new machines can take larger sized sheets, matching the sizes in standard use for cigarette pack printing. They can simultaneously emboss foil materials of more than one colour, one advantage of a new system of multiple bobbins. More importantly, the multiple bobbin system can be programmed to order for each job, reducing wastage (an old snag with hot foil embossing) to a minimum. Saving foil material in this way thus saves expense - though we should make it clear that the process remains costly when compared with orthodox printing. The improved machinery is now in use in Britain (by at least two big printers) and is no doubt operational with major printers elsewhere. We stress 'major' because of the high capital cost of the new equipment. The UK printers, who "undertake the Kensitas and Silk Cut work for Gallahers, are said to be booked ahead for some months owing to the interest being shown by manuacturers of various products. Printing Department in London will willingly provide further information to interested associates. At a time when involvement in sport for promotional ends is becoming one of the major areas receiving attention in the face of advertising restrictions, we believe readers will find interest in the following report from Roger Pethebridge of BAT Hong Kong's Viceroy Tennis Classic promotion. Viceroy is the Hong Kong market leader with an approximate 25% share and is on a progressive trend. Some two thirds of Hong Kong volume is in imported cigarettes, those ex-USA growing at the expense of imports from Britain and domestic brands. Viceroy's major competitors are Winston (ll.5%) and Kent (7.5%), both very progressive. «BAT Hong Kong has for some years been associated with soccer, the most popular sport in Hong Kong, both through ground display sponsorship of important matches involving visiting foreign teams and with their own knock-out competition called the Viceroy Cup. For some time now it has been felt by Marketing Department that Viceroy needed a sponsorship of another sport which would help negate the association of "strength" in image terms which they felt Viceroy was getting due to its association with football. We were looking for a sport in which we could dominate, as part of a policy to enter into sports sponsorship on a solus basis more positively, against an advertising ban situation. BAT has been long associated with sports sponsorships but generally on a one-off basis and sometimes, as in the case of the Open Golf Championship, as one of a number of co-sponsors.


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