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The list of countries, where Kent cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Australia, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, United States of America or U.S. and  European countries: Finland, France, Germany, Moldova, Ukraine, United Kingdom or UK.

The scale of popularity is based on search queries of those users who try to buy cigarettes online.

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Kent cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Finland, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Moldova, Russia, Singapore, USA.

Tobacco Cigs Brand Marketing News

'Enjoy your sport in Hong Kong' campaign.

 Here the aim was to associate KENT's name with sports and leisure activities which are appropriate to the "Fresh, Calm, Mild" campaign.

a) Tennis
Tennis is the ideal sport for KENT to be associated with in Hong Kong. Rather than getting involved in high cost international extravaganzas, BWIT preferred to be involved and eventually register a strong presence in the local Hong Kong tennis scene. As a start to this, BWIT decided to sponsor the leading local open tennis tournament which became the KENT South China Open Tennis Championship 1981. The number of entries for the tournament doubled compared to 1980 and, after the first press conference, an equal number of would-be entrants applied to participate but had to be refused. Press coverage was excellent and was more than twice as much as 1980.
It is now conceded by the local tennis organizations that the KENT Championship surpassed other local events to become the Colony's leading tournament. In the course of organising the event, BWIT came into contact with the leading figures in the Hong Kong tennis establishment. The success of the tournament and the prestige generated created an excellent position from which to negotiate for the Davis Cup Sponsorship and the Hard court Championship which would effectively establish BWIT as the leading sponsor and supporter of local tennis in Hong Kong.

b) Windsurfing
Perhaps of all sports, windsurfing in Hong Kong most directly relates the KENT brand's positioning and the "Fresh, Calm, Mild" campaign to the local market.
 As a result of Hong Kong's crowded living conditions more and more people are taking to the beaches and the freedom of the sea. Windsurfing is still a comparatively new sport to the market but already it is growing fast.
 BWIT's initial activity was to sponsor a local windsurfing regatta and to offer KENT branded sails to interested leading windsurfers. However, BWIT's determination to involve KENT in a big way in windsurfing led to a pursuit of all important contacts in windsurfing and sailing circles in Hong Kong. KENT is likely to replace MALBORO as the Windsurfing Association's sole sponsor for all its activities.
 Furthermore, BWIT's alliance with Neil Pryde, the world's largest sail-maker, could result in co-sponsorship of the pre-Olympic world championships to be held in Hong Kong in 1983.
c) Lawn Bowling
KENT sponsored the first International Lawn Bowling Pairs Tournament which was in effect a world championship in this event. Lawn Bowling is a sport in which Hong Kong, led by Chinese players, is a world force. The most important lesson learner] to date is that the more BWIT developed contacts in any sport and demonstrated ability to promote the sport, the more opportunities to involve KENT in that sport increased. But it goes further than that. BWIT's ability as a sports sponsor has been noted by other sports and has facilitated contacts with other suitable sports and with such government authorities as may be involved.


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