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<p>The list of countries, where <em>Dreams cigarette</em> brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Canada, United States of America (US).</p>
<p>The scale of popularity is based on search queries of those users who try to <strong>buy cigarettes online</strong>.</p>
<p>Soon we'll make the list of cigarettes popularity according to <strong>discount cigarettes sales online</strong>.</p>
<p>Also we are planning to observe the cigarette prices in different countries.</p>
<p>So, we will be thankful for your responds about the most popular cigarettes brands you are buying and about prices of cigarettes which are on sale in your countries.  Write e-mails: Buy [at] MorningCigarette.com.</p>
<p><em>Dreams cigarettes</em> are manufactured in following countries: Belgium, USA.</p>

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Marlboro Medium in Saudi Aravia

Awareness and Experience With Marlboro

This section highlights the knowledge and impression resident in the consumers' minds regarding Marlboro and their experience with the brand in terms of likes/dislikes. An important objective here was to understand the rationale behind the incidence of switching to a low-tar brand other than Marlboro Lights. Finally, differences and similarities between the two versions of Marlboro brands were examined and product developments desired were assessed.

1. Knowledge of Marlboro Brand

Spontaneous knowledge of the Marlboro brand was captured by asking respondents to elaborate on their impressions of the brand, whether or not they currently smoke it.
The majority of respondents across both nationalities acknowledged mainly the international character and the popularity of the Marlboro name. The country of manufacture is well known to respondents as the United States of America and this is observed to have a positive impact on their perception of the brand.
"It is manufactured in USA and is the most popular brand in the market" (Arab Expat – Riyadh – Marlboro Red Smoker)
"It is an American-made cigarette, manufactured by the richest company in the world. It is the most popular brand which has highest sales"
(National – Riyadh – Winston Smoker)
"Marlboro is the leading brand for cigarettes"
(National – Jeddah – Marlboro Lights Smoker)
Thus overall in terms of the brand reputation, Marlboro has undoubtedly a strong equity amongst respondents.
The advertising campaigns undertaken for Marlboro in the press and other media have been spontaneously recalled by more than one-third of the sample. The success of the advertising theme in promoting the brand is well regarded:
"The most famous brand well advertised"
(Arab Expat – Riyadh – Riyadh – Barclay Smoker)
In addition, respondents regard Marlboro to be amongst the well-established brands in the Saudi market, having been in the market place since a long tune.
"It is the oldest cigarette in the market, it was there as long as I could remember"
(National – Riyadh – Marlboro Red Smoker)
Thus at the spontaneous level, impressions and feelings of Marlboro focused on:
- country of manufacture
- brand popularity
- reputation
- manufacturing company i.e. Philip Morris
- advertising
On further probing, respondents displayed further knowledge regarding the brand.
i. Pricing:
Most of the respondents regard the price of Marlboro as being reasonable. Few felt the price was expensive.
"Although the price of Marlboro is high, the quality and flavor are far more important to even consider a substitute"
(Arab Expat – Riyadh – Marlboro Red Smoker)
"Price of Marlboro is high for those with fixed income"
(Arab Expat – Jeddah – Marlboro Light Smoker)
"It has the highest price for cigarettes in the market"
(Saudi National – Jeddah – Marlboro Light smoker)
ii. Quality:
It is overwhelmingly agreed that the product quality associated with the Marlboro name is excellent and does not warrant any further discussion. In particular the tobacco quality was singled out for mention.
"Marlboro cigarette has the best quality of tobacco. I am more satisfied with American made tobacco than the English one"
(A rah Expat – Riyadh – Marlboro Red Smoker)
"We cannot debate the quality of Marlboro; it is –well-known all over the world"
(National – Jeddah – Marlboro Lights Smoker)
"Marlboro brand has the best quality tobacco"
(National – Riyadh – Marlboro Red Smoker)
"Excellent cigarette with the best quality of tobacco"
(Arab Expat – Jeddah – Marlboro Red Smoker)
A few respondents, however, commented on the difference in the quality and taste of Marlboro encountered in different parts of the world.
iii) Packaging:
On the aspect of packaging, the brand has no cause for complaint; the main impression is that the packaging is well done so that the cigarettes inside are well protected and therefore remain fresh for a long time. The visual elements of the packaging are regarded to be attractive and appealing.
"Distinguished pack, the cigarette is well protected"
(Arab Expat – Jeddah – Marlboro Red Smoker)
"Pack is attractive, it keeps the cigarettes fresh for a long time, easy to open, colors and the logo are outstanding" "
(National • Jeddah – Marlboro Light Smoker)
"Excellent pack design; colors blend together"
(Arab Expat – Riyadh – Marlboro Red Smoker)
"Highly quality pack, it maintains the good quality of the tobacco" (National – Riyadh – Marlboro Red Smoker)
iv) Versions:
The two versions available within the Marlboro family are well-known to all respondents:
• King size Regular size
Soft pack, hard pack
• Light and regular
In terms of production quality, the filter and the paper quality is highly appreciated.

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