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Dreams Cigarettes

Dreams Cigarettes Natural Vanilla Flavored

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The list of countries, where Dreams cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Canada, United States of America (US).

The scale of popularity is based on search queries of those users who try to buy cigarettes online.

Soon we'll make the list of cigarettes popularity according to discount cigarettes sales online.

Also we are planning to observe the cigarette prices in different countries.

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Dreams cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Belgium, USA.

Cigs and Tobacco History

Marlboro Medium in Saudi Aravia

Reasons for Switching fo Brands Other Than Marlboro Lights

All respondents whether there were previous smokers of Marlboro Red and had switched to a lighter version cigarette other than Marlboro light, or otherwise were asked to comment on the reasons for this occurrence.
For respondents who had actually switched to a LTN brand gave their response based on actual experience: for others they were asked to speculate on the reasons why this could happen.
For those who switched from Marlboro Red to a LTN brand other than Marlboro Lights, it is apparent that most of them have tried and experienced Marlboro lights and have either found it unsatisfactory due to its extremely light flavor or have not liked its taste. Only one respondent claimed that Marlboro lights was heavy compared to other similar type brands. For some respondents, the availability of low tar brands similar to Marlboro lights was forwarded as a reason for not trying Marlboro Lights.
"Silk Cut is very light and still is fulfilling"
(National Jeddah – Silk Cut Smoker)
"1 did not switch to Marlboro lights because I felt Kent Lights would be similar"
(Arab Expat Riyadh – Marlboro Lights Smoker)
"1 know Marlboro exists, but I haven't tried it I don't want to change my current brand"
(Arab Expat Riyadh – Kent Light Smoker)
"I know that Marlboro Light exists but when I tried it I found that it was heavy unlike Cartier and Barclay"
(National – Riyadh – Barclay Smoker)
"I have tried Marlboro light but I have heard it contains chemicals that might affect the body"
(National Riyadh – Merit KS Smoker)
"Marlboro Light is too light, I don't want a light or strong cigarette like Marlboro Red, Silk Cut is the medium"
(Arab Expat – Jeddah – Silk Cut KS Smoker)
"Marlboro Lights I tried two cigarettes and I found many defects: dries the mouth, bad flavor and taste, does not relate to Marlboro in any way"
(Arab Expat – Riyadh – Merit Smoker)
"I am used to brands stronger than Marlboro Lights"
(Arab Expat – Riyadh – Benson & Hedges-Special Mild Smoker)
Amongst respondents who are full-flavor cigarette smokers, the belief is that Marlboro lights is too light in its flavor and tar nicotine levels and hence not satisfying. From the verbatims received, it is apparent that a gap exists in terms of products requirement, i.e. Marlboro Lights is too light and not fulfilling, Marlboro Red is too strong, and there is nothing in between. ,
"Marlboro light is completely different from Marlboro Red with regard to flavor; it is too light and I didn't like its flavor"
(Arab Expat – Riyadh – Marlboro Red Smoker)
"1 have tried Marlboro Light and was not satisfied, it is totally different from Marlboro Red with regard to taste and it is lighter"
(National – Riyadh – Marlboro Red Smoker)
"1 tried Marlboro light, you end up smoking more quantities than usual because it does not satisfy needs"
(Arab Expat – Jeddah – Marlboro Red Smoker)
"I tried Marlboro light, I developed mucus in the chest, I had to smoke more because the cigarette was too light.
(National – Riyadh – Marlboro Smoker)
"I haven't tried Marlboro light because of the higher price, I buy Winston because it is cheaper"
(Arab Expat Riyadh – Winston Smoker)
"Winston has less tar and nicotine, not as expensive as Marlboro light and not too strong either"
(Arab Expat – Riyadh – Winston Smoker)

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