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The list of countries, where Dreams cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Canada, United States of America (US).

The scale of popularity is based on search queries of those users who try to buy cigarettes online.

Soon we'll make the list of cigarettes popularity according to discount cigarettes sales online.

Also we are planning to observe the cigarette prices in different countries.

So, we will be thankful for your responds about the most popular cigarettes brands you are buying and about prices of cigarettes which are on sale in your countries. Write e-mails: Buy [at] MorningCigarette.com.

Dreams cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Belgium, USA.

Tobacco Cigs Brand Marketing News

Marlboro Medium in Saudi Aravia

Product Developments Desired

Subsequently, respondents were asked to mention, based on their past experience with the Marlboro brand, the product improvements desired which would serve to enhance their appreciation of the brand.
Improvements desired focused mainly on the reduce to reduce levels of tar and nicotine for Marlboro Red brand.
"Reduce percentage of tar and nicotine and the chemicals added to the cigarettes"
(National Jeddah – Marlboro Light Smoker)
"Reduce the tar and nicotine levels without changing the taste"
(Arab Expat Riyadh, Merit Ultra light Smoker) "
"Nicotine percentage should be lowered"
(Arab Expat Riyadh – Benson & Hedges Smoker)
"Reduce tar and nicotine levels as much as possible"
(National Riyadh – Marlboro Light Smoker)
Moreover since price was considered high by few of the respondents, therefore the need to reduce the price of Marlboro was mentioned:
"The brand is highly demanded, therefore price should be lower especially so that employees could afford to buy it"
(Arab Expat Riyadh – Winston Smoker)
In the area of production and packaging, improvements desired were related to the development of a strong filter which has the capacity to withhold nicotine therefore rendering the cigarette less harmful.
Moreover, developing same wrapping paper as used in USA was voiced in order to have the same quality in each country. Lastly, there were mentions regarding better packaging so that the cigarette does not dry quickly.
"Having a strong filter so that cigarette will not affect the throat"
(Arab Expat Jeddah – Marlboro Light Smoker)
"I think that type of paper wrapping the tobacco is different than the ones we see abroad; they should make the quality of the paper in Saudi Arabia similar to that in USA"
(Arab Expat Riyadh – Marlboro Red Smoker)
"Better interior packaging so that cigarette won't dry"
(Arab Expat Riyadh – Marlboro Red Smoker)
With regard to pack visuals, a few respondents expressed the need for designing new colors i.e. the use of blue color instead of white was regarded to be more appealing.
"Change the white color to blue so it would be more attractive"
(National Riyadh – Marlboro Lights Smoker)
However, almost one third of respondents expressed their satisfaction with the Marlboro brand and stressed that there is no need for additional improvements.
"Marlboro brand is a good brand, I don't think they need to do anything to improve it"
(National – Jeddah – Marlboro Red Smoker)
"No more improvements, as it is an excellent cigarette"
(National – Riyadh – Marlboro Red Smoker)
"No need for improvements, cigarette is excellent as it is"
(Arab Expat – Jeddah – Marlboro Lights Smoker)
It is interesting to note that one respondent mentioned:
"Marlboro manufacturers need to create a medium Marlboro, and make it available in all the Arab countries"
(National – Riyadh – Marlboro Red Smoker)

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