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The list of countries, where Dreams cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Canada, United States of America (US).

The scale of popularity is based on search queries of those users who try to buy cigarettes online.

Soon we'll make the list of cigarettes popularity according to discount cigarettes sales online.

Also we are planning to observe the cigarette prices in different countries.

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Dreams cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Belgium, USA.

Tobacco Cigs Brand Marketing News

Marlboro Medium in Saudi Aravia

Marlboro Advertising

This section provides information pertaining to the respondents' awareness of Marlboro Red and Light advertising. It also highlights the differences and similarities perceived between advertising featuring Marlboro Red and Marlboro Light.

Knowledge of Marlboro Advertising

When asked about the incidence of seeing/hearing any advertising, almost all respondents responded affirmatively. However, a greater proportion have seen or heard advertising for Marlboro Red. Less than half the sample recalled advertising for Marlboro lights.
"I believe Marlboro Red is more advertised, I haven't seen enough ads on Marlboro Light"
(Arab Expat Jeddah – Marlboro Red Smoker)
"I don't remember Marlboro Light ads, most ads are about Marlboro Red and what I recall is the cowboy and the horse only"
(Arab Expat Riyadh – Winston Red Smoker)
"Marlboro Red ads are more frequent, whereas rarely you see Marlboro Light ads"
(National Riyadh ~ Marlboro Red Smoker)
"I don't recall seeing ads for Marlboro"
(Arab Expat Jeddah – Kent Lights Smoker)
"I remember ads on Marlboro Red and not on Marlboro Light"
(National Riyadh – Marlboro Red Smoker)
The predominant media in which respondents recalled having seen or heard advertisements or other promotional material for Marlboro, was magazines followed by TV (Satellite Channels) and newspapers. Other sources included;
• Radio (Monte Carlo)
• Billboards
• Video
. Car Rallies
• Posters in shops
• Movie theatre
"In this country, cigarettes are not advertised on TV, but I have seen Marlboro ad on video''
(Arab Expat Riyadh – Marlboro red Smoker)
"In the papers only, in other countries than Saudi, I have seen it on TV"
(Arab Expat Jeddah – Marlboro Lights Smoker)
"Marlboro ads frequently come out on Radio Monte Carlo"
(National Riyadh – Winston Red Smoker)
"I have seen ads of Marlboro on rally cars which were sponsored by the Marlboro Company"
(National Jeddah – Marlboro Light Smoker)
Subsequently, respondents were asked to indicate all that they recalled seeing or hearing in the advertisement for Marlboro.
In most instances, recall of the advertising focused on the visual elements i.e. character(s) in the advertisement. Therefore, the main elements recalled by both Nationals and Arab Expats, in Marlboro ads were the cowboy, the horse(s), scenes of wilderness and nature and the pack of cigarettes.
Other elements included:
• lighting of a cigarette
• cowboy hat
• rope
• river
Only in a few instances was the text recalled i.e. the script or body copy.
"I recall seeing a cowboy on a horse lighting a Marlboro cigarette"
(Arab Expat Jeddah – Marlboro Lights Smoker)
"I remember the horse with the pack of cigarettes"
(National Riyadh – Marlboro Light Smoker)
"I remember seeing a cowboy riding on a horse and holding a Marlboro pack"
(National Riyadh – Marlboro Red Smoker)
"For Marlboro Red: A cowboy in a desert and horses. For Marlboro Lights J recall seeing the pack with text: New choice of flavor"
(National Jeddah – Winston Smoker)
"I remember a cowboy on a horse running fast in a desert or through the river wearing cowboy hat, holding a rope"
(National Riyadh – Marlboro Lights Smoker)
"Marlboro Red: American cowboy with a cigarette pack trying to light a fire with a stick, also horses, rope and a cowboy hat. Marlboro Light: sea, green island and white pack of Marlboro"
(National Riyadh – Marlboro Red Smoker)
"Marlboro Light someone in a boat and a picture of Marlboro lights pack" "><^
(Arab Expat Riyadh – Marlboro Red Smoker)
It was interesting to note that some Arab Expat respondents could not recall the contents of the Marlboro, although they have mentioned that they have seen such advertising.

Difference and Similarities Between the Advertisements

Respondents were then asked to compare between the Marlboro Red and Marlboro Lights advertising in terms of the similarities and differences therein.
It must be mentioned that comparison between advertising for the two Marlboro versions was limited due to the low level of exposure and content recall for Marlboro lights. Those who had been noticed advertising for both versions commented on the differences in the setting and locale of the two advertisements i.e. wilderness and scenes of nature, river etc. for Marlboro Red and boat, sea, clear skies for Marlboro Light.
Another difference observed in the persuasion power of the advertising, it is felt that Marlboro Red advertising is more powerful in drawing the consumers' attention and inducing trial.
"Marlboro Red ads are stronger, more convincing especially for beginners"
(National Riyadh – Marlboro Red Smoker)

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