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Du Maurier cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Trinidad, Vietnam.

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Du Maurier Superkings' female-directed advertising in France and Belgium
In recent months a number of brands have been launched which have been developed specially for sale to women. Here we print a short resume of how, in France and Belgium, a brand conceived with a wider target profile has evolved into a female-directed product. The brand is DU MAURIER SUPERKINGS, and the story is told by Paul Viner, now a brand manager with Odon Warland in Belgium, who was personally involved in the change of approach during his time as one of the advisers in London's Advertising Department.
 "During the middle months of 1970 general consumer research in Belgium indicated that the consumer profile for Du MAURIER SUPERKINGS was strongly biased towards young women in the Z4-30 age group within the AB socio-economic groups. These findings confirmed the view held by marketing management in Odon Warland that what one could call a "specialist female market" was expanding, and that DU MAURIER SUPERKINGS was well placed to take advantage of this growth.
 At that time the brand was advertised by the international campaign ("the one that stands above all others"), and it was decided that ways would be explored to give greater emphasis to the feminine aspect of the profile. The South African campaign for CAMEO which had served that brand so well (this campaign showed pampered women who bossed their menfolk outrageously, and who wouldn't smoke their "man's cigarettes" at any price) formed the basis of the agency's thinking. The straight South African approach was eventually rejected as too forceful for the Belgian female consumer, but a "modified CAMEO" approach was agreed. In it the aggressiveness of the females in the South African campaign was toned down, but the independence of the women shown was retained.
 In September and October 1970 specific research was conducted to determine whether this "modified CAMEO" approach was more attuned to the target female consumers than the existing international campaign. Results showed clearly that it was indeed more acceptable in terms of impact, comprehension and relevance to the target market in Belgium.
 At about the same time the French Tobacco Monopoly (S. E. I. T. A.) accepted SAT London's proposal to launch DU MAURIER SUPERKINGS in France, commencing on January 1st. Here too it was considered that the brand should be directed at the growing female segment, currently dominated by French Monopoly brands, mostly ROYALE. The Thibaud-Lintas agency was briefed, and again the CAMEO approach was considered, together with other female-brand approaches. It was quickly realized that French female consumers were incontestably different - in style, living habits, fashion, etc. - from female consumers encountered before, and for this reason a number of approaches were explored and rejected. These included a CAMEO campaign, a futuristic AD 2001 idea, and a humorous concept showing the woman dominating man.
 Eventually it was agreed that the advertising should appeal to the traditionally accepted image of the Frenchwoman (that is, ultra-feminine and with a touch of Gallic independence, though nothing like women's lib.) allied to that special allure which surrounds the women of France. The target consumers were further identified as women living in the large cities, like Paris and Marseille, and were predominantly in the 18-26 age groups. The media selected to reach them most economically were high class magazines (Elle, Votre Beaute, Jours de France) and certain cinemas in the Paris area.
 The accepted campaign had the main copy line "Celles a qui l'on offre toujours une flamme" (translating approximately as "Those you would always offer a light to", but in French the "those" can apply to the person or the cigarettes). Films consisted of two 30-second commercials produced in South Africa, both emphasizing the target image of a young, sophisticated and independent woman using men (where they were needed) but in no way being subservient to them. An unusual part of the media plan was that the two commercials were booked to be shown as the first and last films in the same advertising slot. Magazine ads (see our examples) majored on colour photographs of girls' heads and with the cigarette and pack prominent. Trade ads, one of which we illustrate, backed the female-appeal approach (this heading translates as "How to satisfy 17 million Frenchwomen"), and 6, 000 retailers also received through the post a gatefold 4-colour leaflet which it was hoped, they would pin up prominently by virtue of its pin-up illustration (shown here).
Our Odon Warland associates in Belgium (who also manufacture the DU MAURIER SUPERKINGS for export to France) decided to adopt the French campaign although this meant dropping the "modified CAMEO" approach which they had been running   for a month or two. Creatively the French campaign was felt to be strong enough and appropriate enough for Belgium, and there was the added advantage of some "overspill" in the French magazines reaching Belgian readers".
Paul Viner, commenting on the effects of the campaign, expresses cautious optimism. In France DU MAURIER SUPERKING5 had to be launched along with some 56 other new non-French cigarette brands, and this makes a short-term conclusion more than usually fallible. However the sales situation there is described as "promising", while volume has also increased in Belgium. A late 1971 review will give a clearer picture. KOOL now UK-made Players have now introduced KOOL menthol king size filters at 29p for 20, as compared with 32p for the previously imported long size version in a hinge-lid pack.
The product and the pack are both in line with the U. S. product, the main pack difference being the side-panel wording which reads: "Made in the U. K. by the U. K. proprietors under arrangement with Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation, Louisville, Kentucky".


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