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Du Maurier Cigarettes

Du Maurier Cigarettes Special Mild

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Du Maurier cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Trinidad, Vietnam.

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Du Maurier Cigarettes. Advertising in 1981

Du Maurier Cigarettes. Advertising in 1981

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Du Maurier Special Mild: ITL's latest addition to the Canadian 'mild' market

Now Imperial Tobacco Limited's representation in this growing sector has been augmented by the launch of du Maurier Special Mild in two versions: King Size and 100mm. Deliveries for the King Size are given as 13mg "tar" and 0.9mg nicotine; and 14mg "tar" and 1.0mg nicotine for the 100mm. The launch is of interest on two counts. Firstly, it underlines the intense activity taking place in the "mild" sector in Canada by all the major manufacturers, and secondly it shows how the du Maurier brand range has been extended by new versions fully in keeping with the desired du Maurier image, both in a Canadian and international context. In Canada du Maurier brands (regular and King Size) account for a market share of over 11%. du Maurier Special Mild is not at the extreme low-delivery end of the "mild" scale. In fact, this point is made in the adverting copy which says: Introducing du Maurier Special Mild. For people with a taste for something milder. Among contemporary smokers, mildness is the word. What yes is looking at is a new answer to that quest for mildness: du Maurier Special Mild. It's not the mildest cigarette you can smoke. What we have produced is a cigarette with all the quality and style of du Maurier, only milder. A new cigarette with the name "du Maurier" is not an everyday event. We have spent a lot of time, undertaken a lot of research to perfect what consumers feel is the best cigarette in its category. if you have a taste for something milder, pick up our elegant silver pack today. Both versions have the silver design pack referred to, with a vertical metallic red band bordered in gold. Lettering is in the deep red color. The cigarettes have a white tip, distinguished by thin bands of red and gold. Following initial distribution in Ontario and Quebec provinces, where du Maurier cigarettes account for almost 40% of ITL sales, distribution has now been extended nationwide. Early consumer response has been good, and in the initial markets in Quebec and Ontario, du Maurier Special Mild was estimated to account for at least a 1. 5% market share. This is judged by ITL to be a better response than that obtained by Rothmans Special Mild during its initial period in July 1977, After slightly over 3 months Rothmans Special Mild is holding about 1. 6% of the Ontario market, and about 1% in Quebec. The growth of "milds" from about 18 percent of total market a year ago to around 28 percent today makes the situation in Canada very open to change and to intensive competition. Some of the established "standard" brands are losing ground steadily, notably Rothmans King Size which is proving very vulnerable. Many of the new "mild" introductions (like du Maurier Special Mild), are line extensions which must inevitably draw, to some extent, consumers from their parent brands. Nonetheless, there is also bound to be switching from one manufacturer brands to another, and the battle for the switchers is fierce.


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