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Players Cigarettes Low Tar Filter

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Players Cigarettes Select Blend 100's

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Players Cigarettes Select Blend Lights

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Players Cigarettes Special Menthol 100's Lights

Players Cigarettes Special Menthol Lights

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The list of countries, where Players cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Australia, Canada, England, U.S.

Players cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: United Kingdom or UK, United States of America or USA.

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Players Cigarette Ad 1928

Players Cigarette Ad 1928

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Players No.6 in Zambia Gets off to a Good Start

 BAT has not being doing too well in Zambia in recent years, and at the present time competition (in the shape of Rothmans) outsells us by about two to one. It is in the medium price category, accounting for around 42% of total volume, that our disadvantage is clearest Guards L. S. F. T. alone dominating the sector with 97% of sales.
 Now, as from December 4th 1968, BAT Zambia is hitting back with Players No. 6. It is a straight attack, with a product of the same type, the same size, in a similar style of pack. The Players name and the quality associated with it provide the key to its promotion.
 Muddying; the waters
Our competitors had done all they could to pre-empt us. During 1968 (either as a result of a security leak or from a logical assessment of BAT's likely action) they introduced two brands which exhibited more than an accidental resemblance to products of our own.
 The first was ASSEMBLY, launched in March. Its pack was an adaptation of the Piccadilly Filter design, with a vertical red and blue ribbon on a white ground. Was it coincidence that both pack and name were reminiscent of Embassy, then being considered for introduction in the near future? In early September they introduced a new brand, MARTINS NO. 1. Its pack design was an amalgam of the characteristics of Players No. 6 and Players No. 10. A press advertisement is reproduced here. The diagonally divided rectangle is a Players No. 10 feature, while the lettering is uncannily like that on the No. 6 pack. The gold cup in the advertisement has been a major element in Players No. 6 U. K. advertising, while the copy line "the best cigarette of them all" is none too different from Embassy's well-established line "the best in smoking".
 Neither brand received continuing weighty advertising, nor it is a reasonable conclusion to draw that their purpose was to muddy the water for future BAT action. Intuition or a security leak? We cannot be absolutely certain but it does underline the need for security at every level.

No. 6 Goes Ahead

Despite the situation just described, the decision was made to proceed with the introduction of Players No. 6. It was decided not to pitch too heavily on orthodox advertising media (where opposition could easily step up their own frequencies) but to devote a more than usually substantial portion of expenditure on merchandising and promotion.
 All advertising and promotion items were, for security reasons, produced in London. The press ad reproduced here shows the main copy theme with "Quality" stressed in every item. As can be seen, the gold cup (borrowed by Martina No. 1) has been replaced by a gold statuette of an athlete to suggest both quality and masculinity. This features in big spaces in full color and black and white, and the quality theme is carried through into radio and cinema commercials. By mutual agreement with our competitors, there is no television advertising for cigarettes.
 The most colorful of the promotions planned is the use of the "Gay Desperadoes" steel band from Trinidad, specially flown over to tour the country giving concerts at which No. 6 will be promoted. This award-winning steel band has done a lot of promotion work for the BAT Group already under the sponsorship of West Indian Tobacco Company, and they should attract considerable attention on their Zambia tour. They will be dressed in special Players No. 6 uniforms throughout their visit. In addition a number of "Personality Girls", in No. 6 dresses and equipped with sports cars in the brand colors will travel around sampling direct to consumers. Hand amplifiers will broadcast their interviews with consumers. Tying in, we understand, with the Personality Girls will be another form of promotion branded miniature plastic parachutes carrying leaflets and sample packs in plastic envelopes. These will be dropped from aircraft over towns.
 There are naturally all the usual items in the collection of 25 merchandising pieces, but one or two are worth a brief description. One is a personalized "I recommend" show-card intended for use in shops and bars, with provision for a Polaroid photograph of the retailer or barman. This is not a new idea, but one which stands a very good chance of prominent display. There is also a disposable dispenser containing 400 cigarettes. It packs flat, and is easily assembled by the Company rep on his visits. Among other items are smallish umbrellas of the beach variety which will be distributed to market stall holders.
 It is far too early to draw any conclusions as to the results of the launch, but we hear that plans have all gone smoothly and that encouraging repeat orders are coming in.


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