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The list of countries, where Silk Cut cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Australia, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (US).

Silk Cut cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Austria, England, Greece, Spain, USA.

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Silk Cut Cigarette Advertising

Silk Cut Cigarette Advertising

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The UK «mild» sector proliferates

It was only a short while ago, that we reported the publication in "Which" magazine of a U. K. TPM/Nicotine "league table", and referred to the ensuing benefits being repeated by the first-ranked brand, Benson & Hedges Silk Cut. Now there is intense activity in the "mild" sector. Silk Cut now sells at 3 to 4 times the volume of pre- 'Which" days. It is estimated that the brand which was selling around 30 million a month has reached (after a dramatic rise) figures well in excess of 100 million. A little background detail on Silk Cut may be appropriate here. The brand is far from new. I: was launched in 1964 as a "mild" cigarette, and fostered over its leaner years with consistent advertising sufficient to maintain wide awareness as well as to establish a worthwhile volume nucleus. "Mildness" has always been the advertising theme for the brand. Late in 1970 the pack was changed from a shell and slide to a hinge-lid, and its graphics were refined. At the same time there was a reduction in the brand's TPM/Nicotine count, and perforated tipping was added featuring twin rows of small holes. Advertising a: this time kept to its basic "mildness" theme, but began to feature the perforated tip and charcoal filter. At about the same time as the "Which" report, coupons were introduced - 7 to a pack.  Now two more Silk Cut versions have been introduced, both in the early days of January 1972. The first is Silk Cut ????? 3. This is a smaller-size version in a pack which resembles that of the original except for the predominating color - blue instead of red. Silk Cut ????? 3 sells at the recommended price of 20.5p as against the 26 p of the first version. This puts it in the same price category as market-leader ????? 6. It also has coupons: 5 to a pack of twenty. The most recent addition to the range is Silk Cut King Size at 30p, achieving representation in this growing size category. The King Size version offers 7 coupons, and the pack design, in which the dominant color is cerise, bears a resemblance to that of the other Silk Cuts. Players have also been active in the "mild" sector. December saw the introduction of Players York in a gold and white hinge-lid pack at 20.5 p for twenty (recommended price). The cigarettes which have a dual charcoal/myria and acetate plug are described on the pack as "Mild Filter Virginia". The brand carries coupons which are interchangeable with those of other Player brands, there being 5 in each 20's pack of York. This is the price class of Players ????? 6 which Silk Cut ????? 3 has also entered. The latest news is that Wills have come out with Embassy Extra Mild as 23p (the same price as Embassy Regal which is now the country's third biggest brand). The pack, in light blue, gold and white, bears the familiar Embassy family appearance. The cork tipping is perforated, with five rings of holes - clear to the eye unlike the nearly invisible perforations on Silk Cut. While the total "mild" sector is still comparatively small in Britain, all the recent activity appears to indicate that considerable growth is foreseen. While it seems that there is in most countries a limited market for low TPM/Nicotine cigarettes, the limit may nonetheless be at a significant level. The sector is growing in the United States, and in West Germany "nikotinarm im Rauch" cigarettes account for around 22% of the total market.  


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