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The list of countries, where Silk Cut cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Australia, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (US).

Silk Cut cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Austria, England, Greece, Spain, USA.

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Silk Cut Cigarette Advertising

Silk Cut Cigarette Advertising

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U. K. Silk Cut ad knocks competitive "Extra Mild" brands

Gallaher's Silk Cut range of "Mild" brands is considered by many to be a very good example of brand-family development and long-term marketing strategy. Its story demonstrates the rewards which can be reaped from the nurturing of brands in minority sectors in anticipation of future growth, and their subsequent development when the time is ripe. Silk Cut first appeared as a regular size filter cigarette under the Benson & Hedges house name in 1964. Over its early years it received a disproportionate degree of advertising support, built around a theme of "mildness", visually conveyed by a cup of coffee onto which cream was being poured. Both the approach and weight of advertising were consistently maintained, although sales were very small in those days before health-consciousness had become a major issue among U. K. smokers. The Silk Cut operation, however, provided a springboard from which Gallaher were able to develop a range of "Mild" brands in a variety of sizes and prices, but all bearing the Silk Cut name and overall pack design style. The opportunity came with the publication in September 1971 of the "Which?" league table in which Silk Cut was most favorably placed.
In October 1971 reported on the way that Gallahers capitalized on this event in their advertising without overt reference to the tables. By the time the first Government league table appeared in April 1973, the Silk Cut family of brands had grown to four. These were Silk Cut, Silk Cut King Size, Silk Cut ????? 3 (a smaller product), and Silk Cut Extra Mild. This latter brand headed the Government league table, and the others were among the lower-rated leaders.
In May 1973 reported on how cigarette advertising notably that for Silk Cut, reacted to the tables. Gallaher took an "informative" approach, addressed to smokers who were thinking of changing to a mild cigarette, and advising them to give their new brand at least two weeks of trial. For those who tried the league table leader, Silk Cut Extra Mild, many of whom would obviously find it too bland for their tastes; Gallaher produced inserts in the Extra Mild packs which drew attention to the rather less "mild" alternative Silk Cut brands. In late 1973 Gallaher introduced a new campaign which went into detail about the component parts of Silk Cut the leaf, dual charcoal/acetate filter, and perforations. This campaign appeared slightly ahead of the Government's second league table which categorized all brands under group headings of Low Tar, Low to Middle Tar, Middle Tar, Middle to High Tar, and High Tar. Silk Cut Extra Mild led the new table, together with three entries from other manufacturers, but some Silk Cut brands were rated in the next category. Within six months or so the regular Silk Cut brand had been "promoted" to the Low Tar category, and at the present time every Silk Cut variant is now included in this category. This includes two additions to the range: Silk Cut ????? 1 (introduced June 1974) and Silk Cut International (introduced in Britain in November 1975). Advertising in mid-1974 changed its approach slightly. The theme was still that of switching to Silk Cut from a higher-rated brand, but a more "personalized" approach was used in which individual smokers were featured. Silk Cut were the first cigarettes to comply with the mid-1974 ruling that the League category should be stated in advertising, and turned it to advantage by so doing. More recently Silk Cut advertising has become more direct in its use of the brand's League Table status.
In February this year showed an advertisement which set out to show how Silk Cut had met the Minister of State (Health)'s demands for lower-yield cigarettes. Now comes a new advertisement which takes a direct knock at competitive brands with the term "Extra Mild" in their names, but which nonetheless do not qualify for the Low Tar category. The Silk Cut advertisement (reproduced here) pointedly compares these "Extra Mild" brands with the six Silk Cut variations, all of which are classified as Low Tar. Another Benson & Hedges brand, Sovereign Extra Mild, is cunningly included among the brands being "knocked". In total Silk Cut brands now account for about 4.5% of the U. K. market.


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