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The list of countries, where Black Devil cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Holland, UK, USA.

Black Devil cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Netherlands or Holland

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Iceland Devaluation Boosts Roll-Your-Own Sales

1963 has been the year when roll-your-own smoking rocketed in Iceland, and became the fastest-growing sector of the market. "Sale s from January to November accounted for some 7, 220 Kg. compared with a mere 710 during the whole of 1967. Now the trend has been given added impetus by the devaluation which took place in November, resulting in a price increase of nearly 20%
 All this business is currently going to competition - Douwe & Egbert's Midland Excellent being the only r-y-o brand on the market. The Iceland market, to explain the background, is still predominantly non-filter, with Camel plain the leading brand. Our own Viceroy is spear-heading the steady swing to filters, but like all "tailor mades" is now pretty expensive.
 In this situation we are examining roll-your-own products from a number of our friends in various markets, and with the most suitable of these aim to win a good share of this growing market. Just what the likely contenders is, we cannot of course mention at this stage, but John Thompson, IED's Area Manager for EFTA territories in Europe, is enthusiastic about one possibility in particular which appears to have all the advantages a reluctant roll-your-owner could wish for. It will naturally be some time before we shall be in a position to report further, but we look forward to having a continuation story for you in a later issue.
 Another IED market where r-y-o smoking is receiving attention is Norway, where in 1966 it accounted for around 70% of total tobacco volume - including cigarettes.

Irish "High Kings" Invade The U. K. Market

 The Irish firm of P. J. Carroll & Co. - with a 50% home market share - is 40% owned by Carreras. It has been possible for many years to buy some of their brands in Britain, but until now no aggressive marketing support had been given to them.
 In January HIGH KINGS appeared on the U. K. scene - a slightly Urge-than-king size filter cigarette, and (at 6/3 for 20) at a slightly higher price. The compares with BENSON & HEDGES Special Filter at 6/1, and ROTHMANS KSFT and PETER STUYVESANT at 5/9.
 This top-of-the-market price category is naturally one where volume is limited, the British smoker of today, at the receiving end of a succession of price increases, tending generally to go for the smaller-sized brands often with the added incentive of coupons. Perhaps HIGH KINGS is the status- setting fore-runner of lower-priced brands to follow from Carroll’s.
 The pack, a hinge-lid 20s (variously described as "Autumn Green" and Bog Brown" in color), carries a Celtic circular motif above the brand name. The introduction is being supported by a £100, 000 five-month launch advertising campaign in magazine color pages and spreads, together with weeks of cinema advertising in London, using a 15-second commercial. The advertising follows the Carreras/Rothman tradition of showing the pack on a textured background, with great care taken in photography in the specimen ad shown here (from the "Sunday Times'- color supplement) the right-hand page is in full color, facing a black-&-whit, page which tells the copy story at length - that, rare if not unique among present-day cigarettes in England, the tobaccos are all American-grown broadleaf Virginia. All the copy, whether referring to the leaf, to the history of Carrolls or the High Kings, or to the selective distribution, conveys the image of a high quality, exclusive product in a distinctive way - a real departure from the present-day trend of short copy, but arguably right for the media used.


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