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Viceroy Team

Our associates in the United States, Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation, had taken up the sponsorship of the Vels-Parnelli Jones motor racing team. The report also announced that the team was to be known as the Viceroy Team, and that the cars were to be called Viceroy Specials. The connection of the Viceroy brand with motor racing was not to be limited to sponsorship, but was to be developed so that the whole Viceroy projection to the public would be related to a motor sport theme. Readers may be interested to learn more of the Viceroy motor sport theme activity, and to receive some indication as to what the adoption of the theme has done for Viceroy. Thanks to Brand Manager Dick Johnson we are able to do this, and to illustrate examples of the current range of Viceroy advertising and promotional material. Advertising continues the portrayal of men in car racing situations, with the copy line - "Get a taste of what it's all about. Get the full taste of Viceroy". Full pages in color in national magazines like Life, Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek, Ebony, Field k Stream are supported by local media campaigns using the same theme. Research shows that these local media efforts are doing a good job, for in every area where these media are used Viceroy Sales are shown to be greater than the national average. On the promotions side, Viceroy activity has also developed the motor sport theme. Two major self-liquidator promotions have been run this year. The first offered smokers a $200 chronograph (a splendid self-winding watch/stop- watch) in return for $88 and one Viceroy carton end-flap. This promotion pulled close on 4,000 responses. The focal point of these promotions has been in-store display. That for the chronograph offer was a large floor-standing display incorporating a life-size figure - realistic enough to get an "excuse-me" from a near-sighted shopper who bumped into it. Our photograph shows the 60-carton floor display used in connection with the second self-liquidator - a white, proofed nylon zippered Viceroy racing jacket, bearing the Viceroy team insignia and stripe, as well as other sewn-on badges. This jacket, which is valued at $20, could be obtained for $11 and one Viceroy carton end flap. The display was designed to be effective from three sides. At the top, pierced lettering produced a neon effect, against a dangle background lit from the store's ceiling lights. It is still too early to judge the effect of the motor sport projection in terms of sales alone. But already research is producing some interesting indications. Fewer Viceroy smokers are now quitting the brand: and those that do quit are more than balanced by new converts. Of particular encouragement is the fact that this growing number of Viceroy smokers is particularly pronounced among men, Viceroy's prime target. In this Viceroy compares favourably with the main competitive "full taste" brands, Winston and Marlboro. Very much part of the plan has been to give Viceroy a more masculine and flavourful image, and advertising research findings indicate that this is happening. A programme of image research as such is planned for this winter. Competitive L&M have also made use of motor sport, both in advertising and sponsorship, though on a more limited scale than the Viceroy campaign. We now hear that they appear to have abandoned this theme, at least for the moment although motor sponsorship by L&M looks likely for 1973. For Viceroy, 1973 will see further implementation of the motor sport theme; evidence that B&W are convinced that this is the means by which Viceroy's objectives will be achieved.


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