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The list of countries, where 555 cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Australia, Canada, United States of America (US) and European country United Kingdom (UK).

The scale of popularity is based on search queries of those users who try to buy cigarettes online.

Soon we'll make the list of cigarettes popularity according to discount cigarettes sales online.

Also we are planning to observe the cigarette prices in different countries.

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555 cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: China, India, Russia, United Kingdom or UK, USA or U.S.

Tobacco Cigs Brand Marketing News

B. A. T. enters the U. K. market at last: State Express 555 goes national

The long-anticipated national entry of B. A. T. into the United Kingdom cigarette market became reality on May 2nd, when the sales force made its first calls on retailers. The decision to go national was announced by Mr. Patrick Sheehy, Chairman of British-American Tobacco Company Limited, last October. This followed a period of almost two years in which State Express 555 cigarettes were test marketed under exceptionally competitive conditions, and in which an intensive programme of consumer research had been undertaken. E. E. C. legislation creates a better opportunity for BAT entry We have reported on aspects of EEC tax harmonization and their effect upon the U. K. market. The old, traditional U. K. tax system based on tobacco weight had created a market where smaller (and therefore cheaper) cigarettes had established domination by reason of cost. The King Size sector, though slowly progressive, was inhibited in its growth because of higher retail prices. The EEC system, which came into, operation in January 1st 1978, combines ad valorem and specific elements. Its effect in the U. K. context has been to give enormous impetus to the growth of King Size cigarettes by reducing price differentials (between regular and King Size) to a very modest sum. In anticipation of this effect, the U. K. manufacturers became involved in a fiercely competitive struggle to consolidate their positions in the King Size sector. In 1976 Imperial, which dominated the total market with a 65% share but which had never succeeded in establishing a substantial foothold in the King Size sector, introduced John Player King Size at a price which undercut all existing King Size brands. In the price war which followed all manner of money-off promotions were undertaken, and various issues we have reported on these and their effects. It was in this keenly competitive period of aggressive promotional price-cutting that B. A. T (U. K. and Export) Limited had to test market Stats Express 555 King Size and International. The disadvantages of test-marketing in such a situation are obvious: but there were less immediately evident benefits. Old brand loyalties, once strongly part of the U. K. pattern, had become eroded. Smokers forsook their old brands in search of better value for money, or to "up trade" while spending little if any more than previously. There was a willingness to try different brands.
1. Generating awareness
Advertising broke on May 24thr the commencement of a massive campaign developed by the Allen, Brady and Marsh advertising agency. The adjective "massive" is not lightly used. With an advertising and promotion expenditure of some £5 million between May and September, it is one of the heaviest cigarette launch campaigns ever to break on the U. K. market. The main copy line of the campaign is: No ordinary number. No ordinary taste The State Express 555 KING SIZE pack is the primary visual element, repeated over and over in a pattern designed to emphasize the chevron device. This treatment is central to all media use, being flexible and readily adaptable to a wide variety of shapes and sizes while maintaining a distinct individual identity. There will be a concentration on color press insertions over the initial period to create maximum awareness, and this will be followed by a weighty schedule of black-and-white promotional advertising in the newspapers. It is calculated that 90 percent of potential consumers will be covered, and will see the advertising an average of 27 times during the launch period. Heavy pester advertising (more than 4, 500 sites) will back the magazine and press programme. Special attention is being given to the important London/South East England commuter area, with concentration on pestering on London Transport's underground railway system, and Southern Region railway stations, through which the bulk of London's commuters get to their places of work. A 60-second film commercial will run in more than 600 cinemas on the two major U. K. film distribution circuits - Rank and EMI. Parallel with the consumer campaign is a trade campaign, with a 7-page "blockbuster" advertisement in the trade press.
2. Generating trial and repeat purchase
The next objective is to convert awareness into trial. The U. K. King Size smoker (as the sector's 50%-plus market share indicates) is to be found across the spectrum of socio-economic groups. This applies to potential smokers of 555, which is also found to have particular appeal to smokers in the 13-25 age group and to heavy smokers. In order to turn latent interest into trial, a number of incentives are planned. The initial launch promotion will offer 7p off the recommended retail price, and an additional 2p-off in-pack coupon will serve to encourage repeat purchase. The recommended retail price of 55p for twenty - on a par with Rothmans John Player and Embassy King Size - makes counter-action from these and other King Size brands likely. As a follow-up to these initial money-off incentives, there will be a massive postal "coupon drop" which will cover two out of every three homes in the U. K. These coupons will offer a further 5p off State Express 555 as a means of stimulating repeat purchase. Teams of "personality girls" will sample and sell the brand at major places where people gather - at stores, stations, banquets, county shows, race meetings, horse trials and the like. In many instances these efforts will be reinforced by the presence of hot-air balloons, and caravan trailers at mass audience events.


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