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555 Cigarettes

555 Cigarettes State Express of London 100s

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The list of countries, where 555 cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Australia, Canada, United States of America (US) and European country United Kingdom (UK).

The scale of popularity is based on search queries of those users who try to buy cigarettes online.

Soon we'll make the list of cigarettes popularity according to discount cigarettes sales online.

Also we are planning to observe the cigarette prices in different countries.

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555 cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: China, India, Russia, United Kingdom or UK, USA or U.S.

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State Express 555 pack goes international

The cream and gold colored chevron-design State Express 555 pack, which was initially developed in 1975 for use in the U. K. market, is now in the course of taking over as the international standard for the brand. Its acceptance, proved in the U. K. context where the 555 launch has given B. A. T. a substantial presence on the market, has been further demonstrated by consumer testing overseas. The cream and gold design spread from the U. K. to the Channel Islands in the summer of 1978, and in the autumn began to be used for exports from Britain to the 555 export markets world-wide, including Hong Kong and Middle East. In December, the cream and gold pack was launched in Malaysia, the biggest overseas market for the brand, and it has also been introduced in Singapore. The State Express I. B. U. reports that the new design will have become standard in all markets by May of this year. This is the third design change during the life of 555 Filter Kings since its launch in 1961. The four designs are illustrated here. The initial design carried the 555 numerals in white on a dark blue band flanked by yellow areas on the lid. Below were the State Express name on the "sunburst" device, and the words "Filter Kings". The first change, which took place around 1963/64, was one of detail rather than a radical departure. The white numerals now became gold, and were embossed to add status. The sunburst was reduced in size and embossed as part of the smartening-up process, and the lettering of the words "State Express" within the sunburst was modernized. Much more evident were the changes made when the chevron design, still in the white, yellow and dark blue coloring, was adopted in 1972. One of the major objectives was to present the brand name elements in a more cohesive way. In the chevron design the numerals were placed within the sunburst, and the words brought together. The Royal Warrant was moved, at the same time, from the back of the pack to the front. In the cream and gold design, now accepted as the international standard, the chevron and lid are predominantly gold, while the background color of the rest of the pack has been changed from white to cream. Viewed among the many white-background pack designs on the market today, it projects a distinct and unmistakable identity. One other change, worth comment, is the change of wording on the pack front to read State Express of London, the corporate name style under which all 555 brands are grouped.


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