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555 Cigarettes

555 Cigarettes State Express of London Lights

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The list of countries, where 555 cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Australia, Canada, United States of America (US) and European country United Kingdom (UK).

The scale of popularity is based on search queries of those users who try to buy cigarettes online.

Soon we'll make the list of cigarettes popularity according to discount cigarettes sales online.

Also we are planning to observe the cigarette prices in different countries.

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555 cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: China, India, Russia, United Kingdom or UK, USA or U.S.

Tobacco Cigs Brand Marketing News

 'Mild. But Not Meek': 555 Medium Mild launched in the U. K.

555 Medium Mild is in process of being launched on the U. K. market by B. A. T (U. K. and Export) Limited. The brand is positioned in the "Low to Middle Tar" sector, which currently represents about 5 to 6 percent of the total market. It is therefore not in direct competition with the many "Low Tar" brands which have been introduced, with deliveries of 10 mg. "tar" or less. The deliveries of the new 555 Medium Mild are given as 15 mg. "tar" and 1.2 mg. nicotine. Gordon Watson, Director, U. K. Market, comments: "The move to lower tar cigarettes has often been frustrated by smokers failing to get the taste and satisfaction they are used to. 555 Medium Mild retains the taste of State Express, but in a lower "tar" category. We see this as a tremendous benefit to the brand which gives it a high potential in the market place". For the benefit of readers unfamiliar with the U. K. delivery categories, these are as follows:
Low Tar................0 - 10 mg.
Low to Middle Tar.....11 - 16 mg.
Middle Tar............17 - 22 rag.
Middle to High Tar.....23 - 28 mg.
High Tar..............29 mg. and over
The copy in the advertising for 555 Medium Mild promises a cigarette which is "Mild. But not meek". The word "meek" (humble and submissive) fairly describes in an arresting way the reaction of some smokers to low-delivery brands when they first try them, though they could be more likely to use such terms as "insipid", or "tasteless". The new brand is positioned to give smokers who want to change to lower-delivery products a mild cigarette which still delivers the taste they want. Research has shown that many switchers have consequently not stayed for long with their new low "tar" brands. Consumer testing of 555 Medium Mild showed that two thirds of respondents (all Middle Tar smokers) either preferred it to their usual brand, or thought it just as good. More than half declared a definite intention to buy it. The pack design for the new brand is a variant of the cream and gold parent-brand design which has now become the international standard, with white instead of cream, and with a dark blue lid. Consumer reaction in the testing was overwhelmingly favorable. It is interesting to note that the description "Medium Mild" appears only on the side and base panels of the pack. The recommended retail price of 555 Medium Mild will be 57p, but initially it will be offered at an introductory price of 54p for a period of approximately 10 weeks. Coupons offering 2p off the next purchase will be included for an introductory period. Cash & Carry managers will be able to take part in a trade promotion competition designed to achieve display. A free instant camera is provided plus four display items to each outlet and the manager is invited to produce an imaginative display, to be photographed with the camera, and submitted for the competition. The prizes will be awarded only if the displays are maintained in position until the date of the prize-giving. The launch will be supported by a national poster campaign, and backed up by activities by the promotional team.


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