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The list of countries, where John Player cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Australia, France, Canada, Germany, Ireland, UK, US

John Player cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Australia, England, Germany, Ireland.

Tobacco Cigs Brand Marketing News

From Gold Leaf Team Lotus to John Player Specials

In Britain Players continue their association with the Lotus cars - with a difference. For the past four years the team has been sponsored by Players under the Gold Leaf Team Lotus name. Now the sponsorship continues as John Player Team Lotus, and the cars themselves are to be known as John Player Specials. These include three new black-and-gold Ford-powered Formula 1 cars, developed from the Lotus 72, driven by Emerson Fittipaldi (the Brazilian winner of the 1971 U. S. Grand Prix), Dave Walker, and Tony Trimmer. Formula 1 cars will also be entered. Formula II will receive attention with a Players - sponsored championship consisting of five rounds at British circuits. The cars are finished in a livery of black and gold, reflecting the presentation of the John Player Special cigarette brand which we reported. The first international appearance of the Formula I John Player Specials was in Argentina in January. Players believe that their involvement in motor sport has been a real success. They are staying loyal to their chosen team because the sponsorship has given them a good deal. Asked how important track success was to the sponsor, a Players spokesman rated this high. During the period in which Players had backed Lotus, a 50% track success rate had been attained - a very high measure of achievement. In 1968 and 1970 Players-backed entries won the car manufacturers' championship, and the drivers' championship. In addition, it has been announced that Players are to sponsor the U. K. round of the World Championships under the title of the "John Player Grand Prix -the Grand Prix of Europe in commemoration of the RAC's 75th Anniversary". The event takes place at Brand's Hatch on July 15th 1972. The Carreras/Rothmans group has for some time involved themselves with sport: in fact, they were among the first to make big-scale sponsorship part of their marketing approach in days before media restrictions had begun to take effect. In motor sport they sponsor a number of race events (as opposed to teams), including the Rothmans 50, 000, the Rothmans International Trophy, the Dublin Grand Prix, the Malaya Grand Prix, the Tour de France Rally, and others. It is now reported that Holland's Tulip Rally for 1972 is to be sponsored under the Peter Stuyvesant name - the brand being one of the Dutch market leaders, and strong in neighbouring Germany. Wills in Britain have had some motor sport involvement for several years, of events rather than teams, and now they are sponsoring Ford rally cars under the Embassy name. Ogdena sponsors a team of cars in the name of their St. Bruno pipe tobacco brand. In the United States the cigarette companies have been fairly active in motor sport. Reynolds have sponsored the "Winston 500" stock car race with a purse of $165, 000, the $80, 000 Winston-Golden State 400, and have backed the 8100, 000 Winston Cup award which covers the 50-odd races in the NASCAR stock car Grand National series.
How Players and Yardley backed their sponsorship with trackside promotional efforts at Brand's Hatch
July 15th 1972 turned out to be a particularly good day for Players, UK. The John Player Grand Prix was won in style by Emerson Fittipaldi driving a John Player SPECIAL. This win put the young Brazilian driver further ahead in the World Championship table, with 43 points as against his nearest rival's (Jackie Stewart) 27. Success breeds enthusiasm, and Players in Britain are making considerable promotional efforts to extract the maximum "mileage" from their involvement. The day of the John Player Grand Prix must, of course, be the highlight of the year from a Players sponsorship point of view - with Britain's premier Formula I race, and the year's most successful team both sponsored under the John Player name. Coming in first was the final touch of triumph. In view of the importance of the event within Players sponsorship programme, we think some notes on the promotional back-up given will be of interest to readers. At Brand's Hatch eight caravan/kiosks were set up where race-goers could buy cigarettes, in addition to a range of self-liquidating items bearing the JPS name and device. These included (as the illustrated leaflet shows) track- jackets, stop watches, T-shirts, clip boards, car posters and a variety of badges. A special Grand Prix version of the 25s plastic drum pack was on sale, and a team of JPS girls in black-and-gold outfits sampled JPS cigarettes among the crowds and gave out self-adhesive car stickers. The offical programme - a handsomely produced magazine-style publication of some 64 pages - carried a very strong John Player bias, from the front cover (with its prominent John Player Grand Prix title, and picture of Fittipaldi's John Player Special) to colour spreads and generous editorial coverage. The event was preceded by a poster campaign, notably in London underground railway stations, and a leading motor sport magazine carried a special John Player Grand Prix supplement in which the John Player brand and team feature prominently.


Cigs and Tobacco History

John Player Gold Leaf

A Family History

During the middle of the last century the city of Nottingham in England was a thriving centre for trade and industry. Famous throughout the world for the quality of its bee making Nottingham was set to become the focus of a new industry based on one man?????s' commercial vision.
Thai man was John Player. He came to the city in 1862 to take up a position as a drapers assistant. His interest in that trade was very short lived but it appears to have given him sufficient confidence and experience to enable him to open a shop in the city centre as an agent tor an agricultural seeds merchant. Obviously not content with this business alone, he started buying and selling loose tobacco as a subsidiary operation. This small tobacco business prospered and in 1877 fifteen years after his arrival in Nottingham John Player purchased a small tobacco factory in an area of Nottingham known as Broad Marsh.
The factory established in 1823 by a William Wright produced pipe smoking, and chewing tobaccos as well as hand-made cigarettes. The factory which at the time employed 150 people produced sufficient product to satisfy the needs of the local inhabitants. John Player wanted to expand the business, to create a much wider demand and to develop a range of ready - made branded tobacco products which could be instantly identified by the customer.
His sales and marketing methods were so successful that in April 1884 the John Player Castle Tobacco factory was opened on a 30 acre sue at Radford, Nottingham.
Sadly John Player was not destined to see his commercial vision come to fruition as he was taken ill that same year and died tragically at the age of 45.
The new factory, one of the world?????s largest at the time, had one room 100 meters long by 20 meters wide with an enormous 300 - horse power engine driving the machinery. Working conditions were given a very high priority and John Players involvement with the welfare of his employees was reflected in the sues amenities which were far ahead of their time.
On the death of John Player the company was run for nine years by a group of close friends until his two sons. John Dane Player and William Goodacre Player were ready to take control in 1893. Two years later the business was made a private limited company, of which they became the managing directors.
During the 1890?????s one of the most popular cigarettes was Players Gold Leaf Navy Cut a brand that had been introduced in the late 1870?????s. By 1898 the demand for Player's brands was met by increasing production in two more factories on the Radford site with the total workforce expanding to over 1,000 workers.
1901 saw the start of a new century and a serious threat to the Player brothers' tobacco business. An American millionaire, James Buchanan Duke announced that he intended to take over their business and other tobacco companies in Great Britain.
Duke owned the exclusive rights to a high speed, mass production cigarette making machine and by undercutting his American competitors had gained a monopoly in the United States. At the time of his visit to the Player's factory he had already purchased the Odgen Tobacco Company of Liverpool.
The Player brothers were not impressed by Dukes business bravado and declined to even consider selling their tobacco interests.
Within four months of Dukes' arrival thirteen of Great Britain's leading manufacturers including John Player and Sons had formed the Imperial Tobacco Company. This unprecedented alliance put a stop to the lake over ambitions of Mr. Duke and when he was later threatened by the new group on his home territory, he called a truce the following year. Arising from this truce in 1902 was a new, joint venture company - The British American Tobacco Company, which would market and sell both American and British cigarette brands outside the U.K. and U.S.A.
BAT Co. is the global company we are today, and John Player Golf Leaf a core strategic brand.

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