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The list of countries, where John Player cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Australia, France, Canada, Germany, Ireland, UK, US

John Player cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Australia, England, Germany, Ireland.

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Newer brand performance

Of the more recently introduced brands, Vantage (Reynolds) shows the fastest growth, with an estimated gain of over 26 percent in 1975. Of the "line exten- sions", Winston Lights is shown to have grown by more than 145 percent. "Tobacco Reporter" comments on the interesting fact that Benson & Hedges brands (owned by Philip Morris in the U. S. A, ) now outsell the entire Liggett Group, and continue to grow. Carlton (American Brands) is estimated to have grown over 71 percent in 1975. New Zealand's sponsorship activity under the John Player name We reported the sponsored activities under- taken by our New Zealand associates under the Wills and Benson & Hedges names. We have now received an account of how the John Player name is being given a measure of support through sponsorship on a limited scale. In New Zealand emphasis is given to the name "John Player" in preference to "Players", to the extent that pack wording makes it clear that John Player ????? 10 is the brand name (as opposed to Players ????? 10 in other markets). Promotions Manager, Mike Szigetvary comments: «While John Player brands (????? 10 and imported JPS) are not big sellers at present on the New Zealand market, it has been felt that it is important to keep the house name active for possible future development, and one way to achieve this is by supporting selected promotions at a cost commensurate with the limited return to be expected.


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John Player Special King Size

Japanese Qualitative Study

Main Findings

Specific Discussion Area

Reactions to advertisement

Overall, the four print ad alternatives generated a relatively low level of involvement among respondents irrespective of age and sex. The copy "ZOKKA WA COMENDA" (which was translated from "Escape from the ordinary") did not seem to arouse excitement of the respondents, either.

Respondent reactions could be summarized as follows:

(1) The monogram version seemed to be preferred to the "door" versions, overall.

(2) The monogram version was said to be successful in communicating "class" or "sophisticated image". At the same time, however, it was described to be "dark" and often found with whisky advertisements ? a rather plain approach.

This version was said to suit a business magazine such as "President" because the target was perceived to be middle-aged or older businessmen who have succeeded in the society.

(3) The three "door" versions were generally said to be "difficult to understand". Many respondents did not even notice that the package was designed as a door (partially because the Japanese copy had no such a nuance, though the English one had).

Even after understanding that the package indicated a door many respondents did not seem to identify with the message because they did not necessarily perceive a good image about the kind of sports behind the door and said that the copy did not go well with the visual.

"Skiing" is not considered anything "special" in Japan since every youngster goes skiing in winter. .

"Motor racing" has dual image. Some people perceive that it is a luxurious sports while others think that it Is something that "speed crazy" young men like.

"Motor boat racing" generally has a bad image in Japan. It is a gambling event for downscale people sponsored by local governments for the purpose of increasing revenue.

(4) "Exciting taste" (in the Japanese copy) was also described to contradict the actual taste of the product.

(5) Several respondents (who understood English) tended, therefore, to prefer the English version. However, such an opinion was in the minority.

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